Corporate Social Responsibility a Priority at World Cannabis Congress

Civilized made CSR a primary consideration throughout the global


SAINT JOHN, NB, June 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ - Waste-reduction

initiatives and carbon off-setting have been major factors in the

strategic planning of the upcoming World Cannabis Congress (WCC). The

global conference, presented by Civilized, has corporate social

responsibility practices reflected throughout the event.

"A strong approach to social responsibility is a priority for

Civilized and the World Cannabis Congress team," says Derek Riedle,

CEO and Publisher of Civilized and Co-Chair of the World Cannabis

Congress. "Instead of speaker gifts, for example, we're planting 1,000

trees to offset our carbon footprint. Business goals and environmental

sustainability must go hand in hand."

Wherever possible, digital applications are replacing paper materials.

Instead of a printed agenda, an informational mobile app, WCC 2018,

was created for delegates to download and use for the duration of the

conference. The app, sponsored by ONB, includes the full conference

agenda (including detailed session information), links to the speaker

biographies and sponsors, interactive maps, a notes section, a private

messaging function, direct access to the webpages of WCC Co-Chairs

Civilized and Opportunities New Brunswick, a Twitter feed, and push

notifications for updates and reminders.

"The WCC 2018 app is a green and innovative way for delegates and

stakeholders to access information," says Stephen Lund, CEO of ONB and

Co-Chair of the World Cannabis Congress. "It's a one- stop-shop that

encourages connection and collaboration - that's what we do at ONB."

Traditional cloth delegate bags filled with sponsored paper products

and swag have also been eliminated. Instead, delegates will receive a

password to download a "digital delegate bag," providing them access

to sponsored e-coupons, podcasts, videos and digital copies of

research reports and whitepapers. Chartered shuttles, with seating up

to 55 people, to and from the Saint John Airport are being used

instead of individual taxi cabs to reduce carbon emissions. A

condensed, printed agenda will be included inside delegate lanyards

with provisions for recycling the paper products provided at the

conclusion of the Congress.

No table number or signage cards are being printed for the

approximately 60 tables in use during the Congress, and any signage

that is printed will be double-sided to reduce paper waste. Sixty

living centerpieces, a small garden composed of tropical plants, are

being donated to the Loch Lomond Villa long term care community and

various other community groups around the city immediately following

the WCC. The Congress has also instituted a ban on unnecessary

plastic; metal cutlery will be used, along with biodegradable paper

straws and bamboo stir sticks. Pitchers of water and glasses are

replacing plastic bottled water whenever possible.

Civilized is using non-profit group One Tree Planted to plant 1,000

trees in California, U.S., where forests have recently been devastated

by fire and mud slides. The state has been at the forefront of

cannabis legalization, is a progressive cannabis jurisdiction and is

home to Civilized's Venice office. One Tree Planted will be planting a

variety of native tree species including sugar pine, California

redwood, maple, elderberry, willow, birch, dogwood, cedar, giant

sequoia and walnut.

The WCC will also feature a panel discussion on social responsibility

in the cannabis industry, which will be followed by an announcement

made by the Global Cannabis Partnership (GCP). The GCP is creating an

international standard for the safe and responsible production,

distribution and consumption of legal recreational cannabis. Civilized

is proud to be Lifestyle and Entertainment Media Partner with the GCP.

More information about the GCP can be found here.

As legalization of adult-use recreational cannabis becomes a reality

in more places around the world, Civilized has produced a series of

entertaining and informational videos entitled "Cannabis for

Beginners" to inform the public about responsible cannabis

consumption. The videos can be found here.

About Civilized Worldwide Inc.: Founded in 2015, with offices in New

Brunswick and California, Civilized is a premium media and lifestyle

brand that embraces and highlights modern cannabis culture, reflecting

the millions of adults who choose to enjoy cannabis as part of a

balanced lifestyle, but don't define themselves by it. Reaching more

than 2.5 million unique visitors per month, North America-wide,

Civilized produces engaging content for and about people who enjoy

cannabis responsibly. Other verticals include Civilized Studios, a

video network available to 100+ million viewers that fills the void of

broadcast quality video and original series in the cannabis space, and

Civilized Events, exclusive branded experiences for both the cannabis

industry and consumers - from intimate dinner parties to large-scale

events like the first-ever World Cannabis Congress in Saint John, New

Brunswick from June 10 to 12, 2018. For more information, visit:


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