Ashley Graham Reveals If She's Planning to Have More Kids

The model currently shares three adorable children with her husband.

After giving birth to twins last year, Ashley Graham doesn't want to have more children.

On the March 15 episode of the podcast Milk Drunk, the model revealed her husband, Justin Ervin, had a vasectomy.

"We're in full vasectomy mode. He's shooting blanks now," she said about Ervin.

"I don't have to be on the pill, thank god," she added.

Graham, 35, remarked that getting a vasectomy is "so easy" that Ervin, 34, went shopping with her right after the procedure.

She also opened up in the podcast about now being a mother of three. 

"When I was pregnant with the twins, I don't think it hit me how hard it was going to be until they actually came into the world," said Graham.

The model noted that her mom, who is also a mother of three, helped her a lot.

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"I just kept looking at my mom—whether it was an outward thank you or an inward thank you, it was like a constant [gratitude], because she was right by my side up until recently," said Graham. "We actually have one more person come in and start helping us. But she's been my ride or die for the past three years."

Graham also opened up about the body changes she experienced while being pregnant with twins.

"My body is part of my work, and it being something that is a topic of conversation, and one that I'm going to be talking about for the rest of my life, [experiencing body changes] was probably the hardest thing for me," she admitted.

Graham continued, "Up until recently, I didn't really care to start working out or eating healthy because I just kind of was in this mode of 'I just have kids to take care of, I don't have myself to take care of.'" 

The model has been trying to be better about taking care of herself physically, whether it's through scheduling yoga classes or acupuncture.

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