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Missing the point

In From the left

By Jim Cogar
April 12, 2015 at 2:18 p.m.

One of the best things in the LNJ is the Saturday Forum, and Saturday's contributions were an excellent example. While seeing that day's contributors can usually give you an indication of what is coming, today's commentaries provided a pleasant surprise. 

Neal Coulter's contribution contained some startling revelations I did not anticipate. His admission that the White Oak controversy was correctly handled shows him to be versed in the law, but his admission also lends credit to his profession that as a teacher, he has the duty to be open to all arguments in any disagreement and I applaud his honesty as well as his style.

Mr. McAlister, on the other hand, stays true to form, something I am sure he will find comforting. Also as usual, he misses the point entirely. His critique of the opposition to the so-called "religious freedom" bills currently being promoted in state legislatures shows his propensity for an unwillingness or disregard for the arguments of those who disagree with his narrow view of religion, as well as his desire to blame all the world's troubles on the president. 

The fact that these bills do not mention the LGBT community is exactly the point. By not doing so, they allow anyone to refuse to do business with any organization or individual whose lifestyle they disapprove of or condemn.  The fact that following the passage of these bills there has resulted in people stating openly they would use these laws this way, proves the point. 

Mr. McAlister's argument is specious, misleading, and shows, unlike Mr. Coulter, his prejudice and animosity to anyone whose beliefs conflict with his own.



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