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We Must Be Heard!

In The Weekley Blog

By Jeremiah Weekley
Aug. 9, 2015 at 11:23 a.m.

By now, we’re all aware of the horror of the secretly recorded Planned Parenthood videos taken by the Center for Medical Progress. Please tell me you’ve watched. Tell me you’re as disgusted as I am. I’m not even sure disgust covers it. Repulsed, outraged, heartbroken all in one mangled hurricane of emotion.

How does this happen? How can we all be so desensitized to human life that we see this and don’t all, with one voice, demand our government bar the doors and stop business at every single Planned Parenthood facility in this nation? How can videos like this be everywhere for all to see and the outcry not be louder than any nation’s outcry in history?

Our country has complacently allowed organizations like this to systematically murder over 50 million babies since abortion was legalized. Here, let me give that to you with zeros: 50,000,000. In addition, the statistics behind these abortions actually point to much more callous reasoning, such as race. In a country where many couples try to have babies and cannot, a country where adoption is quite expensive and exhaustive, we allow scores of innocent lives to be terminated every single day. 3,300 on average to be exact.

How can Sarah McLachlan singing while pictures of abused puppies scroll across our television, enrage us and make us cry while picking up the phone to donate, yet these videos don’t seem to garner the same outrage and concern? Sadly, these videos really shouldn’t have told us anything we didn’t know. Whether we hear and see other people joking, bartering and having a great time while ending a young life, abortion is still abortion. It’s legalized murder.

We are a nation that has been completely conned into believing women’s “rights” include the execution of a life created by a voluntary action. Yes, I understand some women are impregnated by rapists but we’ll get there in a moment. In our country today, rather that tell someone to exercise self-control and educate them on the significance of sex, we tell them it is okay to murder the product of that very act. As if those young lives are mere inconveniences. Mere unwanted side effects of our lusts.

What the hell is wrong with us?

Over 500 million dollars of taxpayer money is funding the holocaust of our nation’s babies. Innocent babies that had no voice or choice in our selfish, murderous act. Taxpayer money. Not only is the slaughter house of Planned Parenthood allowed to operate lawfully but it’s also partially funded, with our money, to do so.

The statement given by the White House press secretary, Josh Earnest in which he referred to the videos as “a tactic by extremists on the right” is beyond pathetic. It’s despicable. It’s an injustice to every single American. Every single person employed by and every single branch of Planned Parenthood should be receiving a DOJ investigation and an IRS audit so thorough they go bankrupt attempting to comply.

So let us recap: A woman’s right means she can have all the sex she wants, with whoever, whenever she pleases because it’s her body. Fair enough, until your actions create life. At this point, that little body and those little organs, that are apparently a hot commodity on the black market for all the reasons that life is life, is not a person. Kill it at will. Throw it in the trash. Forget it. Why?

I’m no scientist but I feel safe in saying it took sperm to fertilize that woman’s egg in order to create that life. Where exactly is the man’s right in the abortion debate? Yeah, he doesn’t have one. Let a man skip out on child support and a court will be all over him. Let his sexual partner end the life of a child he helped create and he’s out of luck. There we are, in a nutshell.

This is not a black or white, right or left, male or female issue. This is a human rights issue. There is nothing on this earth more precious than a human life, even more so when that human life is an innocent baby.

We are complacently allowing murder, genocide even of our unborn.

The left always screams, what about rape? What about it? It’s terrible and those responsible should be punished to the full extent of the law. However, that innocent life had no say. That baby didn’t rape you. Perhaps we could use some of the half a billion dollars in taxpayer money for a shelter and care center for raped women who become pregnant. They can receive therapy and counsel as well as health care and when their child is born, if they just can’t handle it, there will be a line of families honored to adopt that child.

My fellow Christians, we must stand here. We must. My fellow Americans, we must rise up here. We must join in one voice that refuses to be silent in the name of each unborn baby that has been a murder victim in our nation. We are not civilized if we do not. If we are complacent in the face of this, we are an accomplice. We cannot let this go.

An organization founded by a racist, family hating, socialist, man-hater has been exposed. Planned Parenthood must be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Federal funding for this horrific abattoir must end immediately.

Let me end by saying this, if you are a woman reading this and you have had an abortion, this is not directed to condemn you or your action. This is directed to the institutions, the fraud and often even encouragement that led you to make that choice. This is not meant to condemn you in any way as we are all guilty under God’s law. I pray you find peace, forgiveness and hope in Him.

The world didn’t need my voice on this as there are many better, such as Dr. Ben Carson. It didn’t need another blog, but I had to do this for me. Out of all the topics I choose to write about, sometimes with satire, oftentimes with blunt candidness and myriad other forms I had to put this in writing. I had to make my stand clear, even knowing it won’t be popular and it will most certainly attract attacks, outcry and rebuke from a certain element. Let them bring it. In comparison to the pool of broken, torn and bloody body parts and organs that cry out for a voice, I’ll face their wrath any day.



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