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Trump: My Take

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By Jeremiah Weekley
Aug. 22, 2015 at 10:52 a.m.

Tonight, I couldn’t help but watch Donald Trump at his campaign stop in my home state of Alabama. A brilliant showman, he entered to our unofficial anthem of “Sweet Home Alabama”. Equally as brilliant is his use of Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It”.

Most of you know, I’m not a fan but I tried to remain as unbiased and open-minded as possible. I’ve been asked to share my thoughts so here we go:

As a professional in the business realm, I respect Trump. He’s shrewd, sharp and just plain good at what he does. He knows business and he knows people. In short, he knows exactly what he’s doing and what people want to hear. His only hang-up is he loves himself above all else and it shows in any speech he gives that lasts more than a couple of minutes.

Tonight he rambled and was borderline incoherent at times as he bounced around and back and forth, but even with this he knew what he was doing. He knows why people are gravitating to his message and to him.

Our country is tired and quite frankly many of us want someone to do all the things he says he’ll do. We want to believe it’s as easy as just saying it’ll be done and just like that, it’s done. We want our country to be great again. We want jobs. We want a stronger military. We want someone who isn’t beholden to special interest. We’re tired of the establishment. We want solutions to immigration (for the record I’m not with his plan, although I agree it’s a problem that must be addressed). We want someone to stand up to corporations.

Donald Trump is as dumb as a fox. He’s by far the best salesman in this game. He knows what to say and what gets people fired up. So, the non-politician, politician is actually a better politician than the majority we have now. He’s beating them at their own game; however, he has no standards to feign upholding and nothing to lose. They do.

I now concede that Trump is good for this race in that he is forcing everyone to address issues they would otherwise tiptoe around. He’s making other candidates from both parties tackle issues and take a stand. He’s eliminating middle ground and that’s beautiful.

I honestly think he’s arrogant enough to believe he can do all he says he can do. He loves himself that much. Although it may be difficult to admit now, the POTUS doesn’t actually have that kind of unbridled power. By design, they are forced to play the game and that’s actually supposed to be for our protection, even though it’s been corrupted.

It actually concerns me to see the way his supporters are behaving. This looks like the same blind, fan base cultivated and manipulated by our current president. His supporters are fawning over him like he is the Messiah, and he thinks he is. I watched him make several thinly veiled comments meant to pander to his fans. The Bible reference being one and even then he couldn’t help but put his own book at number two. He is playing his supporters for fools and they are lapping it up. He is not what he wants you to think he is. Sorry.

We’ve reached a dangerous place in our country where we make politicians, celebrities, pastors and various other things our idols. Once we commit we validate our allegiance even when that takes us to extremes.

These people are meant to work for us. They should always be accountable to we the people and we should never be their fan base. Unfortunately, the truth is, this is how elections are won. By manipulating the masses, majority uninformed, and those who are do so in a way that reinforces what they’ve already made up their mind to believe.

Ground control to Major Tom.

My biggest problem is that Donald Trump only recently formed this platform he has people drooling over. Broken record or not, he has been an ardent supporter of gun control, abortion, both Clinton’s and even Nancy Pelosi. He has admittedly bought politicians and this makes him part of the problem. He’d have you believe it’s okay, because “he can”. Just because I find a married woman willing to have an affair doesn’t mean it’s acceptable if I act on it. It would make me part of the problem.

If I honestly believed Donald Trump had integrity or was capable of putting anyone’s interest ahead of his own, I may enjoy what he’s saying more. I don’t.

His track record clearly shows a lack of integrity and a shrewdness dangerous to those with power. He is a narcissist. Narcissists make dangerous leaders, as we should all very well know by now. A man incapable of an apology isn’t much of a man. A man who doesn’t think he should involve God in his personal life isn’t someone I can support. It shows a lacking moral compass.

To sum this up, Trump talks the talk in order to give his fans what they want. I truly believe all he wants is to reach the pinnacle of power. He just wants the power. He is desperate for it and can hardly contain himself now that he has traction and momentum.

He is proving that ultimately, the presidency of these United States can be bought by those other than Super PAC’s and special interest. He’s also proving that the Republican party can be played even by those who aren’t Republican.

If he weren’t polling so high and becoming more and more popular, it would be funny. As it stands, it’s kind of scary, even if refreshingly shaking things up.

It will be interesting to see if he gains a better grasp of facts and a clear plan as this progresses or if he sticks to one-liners, rallying cries and rhetoric. Like all politicians the facts he uses are way off base but that doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Just give them what they want to hear, Donald.

My last point is that I honestly believe every Democrat in this nation is hoping and wishing that Trump is the nominee. Hands down, he will be their easiest opponent simply due to his being so divisive. 

Well, my apologies to the poor soul who asked my opinion, but there it is. It was a fairly decent campaign stop, full of typical Trump. Rousing speech, say what they want to hear, drop a couple hard-line comments, point out how great he is a million times. He’s so good, I liked some of what he had to say. I just don’t like him and I’ll opt for character and integrity every time, assuming it can be found.

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