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Paula Martin Jones Recreation Center a Jewel

In From the left

By Jim Cogar
June 17, 2015 at 10:40 a.m.

    The other day, I visited the Paula Martin Jones Recreation Center. As a part of the effort to keep the center in the hands of the city, I had heard a number of comments about the state of that facility and wanted to see it for myself. To be honest, some of the comments had lead me to believe that this facility was close to falling down and was in desperate need of repairs to the tune of millions of dollars and I wanted to see that. Such was not the case. While not "state of the art," it is clean, well maintained, and does have a great deal to offer not only in facilities, but in opportunities. 

    Now if you are one of those who wants to work out in an environment of juice bars, custom footwear, personal trainers, and other such amenities, then PMJ is probably not for you. But if you are interested in good equipment, convivial surroundings, up to date equipment and all at a reasonable cost, then PMJ is the place for you. Swimming, cardio, weight training (machine and free weights), racquetball/squash/handball, a gymnasium, and locker/shower facilities are there and more than satisfactory.

    I have often been critical of the lack of facilities in the south part of town while businesses seem to stand in line to build on the north side. The recent example being the planned ER's being constructed. But here is an example of the south side offering something the north side does not have. A well equiped, reasonably priced center that fits the bill for many of us.

    Additionally, the cost is very affordable and at the senior discount (age 55 and above) can fit in most budgets. Take a few minutes and get a look at this jewel of the city. Get a tour, look around, and join. In my humble opinion, it is well worth it.



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