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Dancing with God

In Limiting God

By Gayle Raif
Oct. 12, 2015 at 8:08 a.m.

                                                   Dancing with God


                        Both Larry Crabb and Ken Gire, my two favorite authors, talk about dancing with God.  He has invited us to a party and wants to dance with us, to glide along the floor, whirling and twirling  to the rhythm of the music.

            I love to dance.  There’s just one problem:  I have a hard time following.  I’m great at leading because I have a strong sense of the rhythm.  Fortunately, my husband is a very patient teacher, despite my stepping on his toes or tripping over them.  Gradually he’s teaching me to follow.

            Too often, though, I leave the party before the band has really warmed up and is playing their best music.  I’m very good at conceiving ideas, knowing what it takes to make something work, and getting it going.  Then I’m ready to turn the operation over to someone and go on to something else.  I’ve always been that way, even as a child when my mother said I would get everything ready to play with, then I was finished with it.  There is a need for a visionary, so to speak, but someone has to carry through with the plan.

            Maybe God is wanting me to stay for the dance because the best music is yet to come.  I’ll miss out on the fun if I leave.  It’s tempting to say I’ll stay if He makes it worth my while, or if the band can play just one number that will show me how well they make music once they’re warmed up.   If I want to enjoy the evening, I’ll just have to trust (God) that the best is yet to come.

                        Last summer my husband and I went to a dance in the Hill Country.  There was one couple who we so good that everyone there let them have the floor for a few minutes before joining in, just wanting to watch them dance.

            What made them good was they were in perfect synchrony.  They reminded me of the big cloth dolls of my childhood that had elastic bands on their feet that you strapped onto your own.  When you moved, the doll moved exactly with you.

            That’s the way the couple danced, only she wasn’t strapped to his feet.   She voluntarily submitted to his lead, but his movements as he held her let her know which way to go.  Not only could they dance well together, they both were thoroughly enjoying themselves.  Everyone wanted to watch them and I suspect quite a few, including me, were envious of the way she could follow him so well.  I wanted to be able to dance that way.

            It occurs to me that this is the way we can instill in others a desire to know God.  We can be in such perfect harmony with Him that we are following His lead and having a great time doing it.  People could admire our dancing skills and want to dance the way we do.  Having a good time is a bonus.





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