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Good Can Fix Airplanes

In Limiting God

By Gayle Raif
Oct. 19, 2015 at 1:35 p.m.

My son, Doug and my husband's son Tim were to share the Scripture reading at mine and Ron's wedding almost five years go.  However, Doug, his wife Pam and son Kevin had flown to Atlanta, GA to pick up an airplane. Kevin was flying, Doug was navigating, and Pam enjoying the ride.  When they reached a small town in MS, they decided to land at the local airport to stretch their legs.  However, as they descended to the runway, the nose gear wouldn't come down.  Doug was trying frantically to jam it into place, with no success.  He radioed the tower, only to discover one lone employee (it was Sunday) who said there were no facilities there for an emergency landing so he directed them to the bigger Jackson, MS airport and notified them of the problem.  

On approach to Jackson, Doug radioed the tower and told them the problem they were having.  He still was frantically trying to get the nose gear to descend.  Kevin was concentrating on flying.  Pam, in the back seat, was almost having a heart attack looking at the ambulances and fire trucks on the ground, waiting for them.  With a last effort, Doug told the tower he would circle one more time and to tell him if the nose gear had descended.  They answered, "No," and told him to prepare for an emergency landing.

Doug, Pam and Kevin are devout Christians.  Whether or not Doug was praying, I don't know.  I think sometimes in those situations we just send up a blanket prayer of HELP, because our minds are so busy trying to a way to get through the situation.

Kevin took the plane for one last fly around the airport and headed for the runway, with Doug still working on the nose gear.  Two feet from the tarmac, the nose gear descended,  Kevin put the plane down without so much as a bump and the three of them, as well as the airport personnel, all breathed a sigh of relief and thanks to God.

They didn't make it to the wedding.  In fact they didn't get home to Ft. Worth until the next day.  Pam said the first thing she did when the alighted the plane was to kiss the ground.



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