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For the Love of Free

In The Weekley Blog

By Jeremiah Weekley
Oct. 27, 2015 at 8:55 a.m.

The Democratic party likes to thumb its elitist nose at the GOP. Such self-righteous posturing is sickening. What’s even worse is the surprising amount of people in our populace who have fallen prey to their rhetoric and grand ideals. The same things these people purport to hate about the GOP are glaring in their idolized party. Diversification? Is that code for old, white, political dynasty? The fact that all the self-proclaimed party of the people has to offer is a scandalous member of one of the darkest political dynasties on record relying heavily on her gender, should be all the proof needed.

The candidate polling behind Mrs. Clinton is Mr. Bernie Sanders. He is an avowed Democratic Socialist, and although I commend him for his passion in combatting corporate greed, we must part ways after this. Mr. Sanders, although not having a snowball’s chance in Hades against the Clinton machine, has made “free” college one of his flagship banners. In his defense, Mrs. Clinton has also been an avid proponent. Free college sounds so wonderful. As old timers are fond of saying, “If it sounds too good to be true…”, you know the rest.

Set aside for a moment the big lie behind the big, BIG business of secondary education, and let’s just focus on the aspect of making this free. When something worth paying for becomes free, it won’t take long before it’s worth what you pay for it. Sadly, this is also true of government services, even when not free. I won’t go into the scores of broken systems plagued with bureaucracy, corruption and ineptitude, but they are myriad.

Basically what the top Democratic candidate(s) are championing, is a tax increase to fund college tuition for all. In what world is this reasonable? Is it just, for the millions of people who have zero desire to go to college, to fund college tuition for those who do? Why would we send the message to tomorrow’s generation that the answer to combatting rising tuition rates, at supposedly public institutions of higher learning, is to share the burden among all taxpaying citizens?

Education is a beautiful thing, but the lie of an education coming solely from a college or university is a threat to our society and its foundation. There are many options to combat rising tuition costs and crippling student loan debt. For one, be wiser stewards financially. We’re a nation of debt whose answer isn’t to analyze our habits, but to cover them with taxpayer funds or some other subsidy. Secondly, let’s not forget the need for solid technical schools for various trade vocations and other specialized training. Last, but not least, despite the force-fed lies and statistics, not everyone should, can or even wants to go to college and that is okay.

Waving the banner of “free college tuition” is a slap in the face to all those who earned, worked, saved and struggled to earn their degree. It’s also a smokescreen to the fact that our public universities have been high-jacked by corruption, greed and a powerful, powerful liberal agenda that hates capitalism and believes other people’s money is the solution to cure all ills.

Let’s stop being so silly, so naive and so desperate for a piece of a pie we didn’t help bake. Wake up, America. Let’s get this thing back on track. First, we must fight, fight and fight harder to demand the end of corruption in government by both parties. When this is done, we can have all the ideological debate we want, but only when we have our government back. End term limits. End lobbying jobs for anyone who served in an elected office. If we’re really brave, demolish both parties. Candidates run solely on their individual platform. Campaign finance reform is a must. Individual contributions only, and cap that at a reasonable number. No more Super PAC’s. No more bought and paid for corporate puppets in our government.

This is just a start, America. Let’s wake up millennials! Stop falling victim to the euphoric feeling at the mention of “free”. Nothing in life is free. We should know, because all the free love, drugs and protest of moral authority and structure from the Boomer generation helped open the floodgates to the disastrous mess we see now. Our generation is often desperate for change, being a wiser electorate will help. Educating ourselves to the dangerous pitfalls of open and avowed socialism is another.



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