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For Restrooms, There Is No Identity Crisis

In The Weekley Blog

By Jeremiah Weekley
Sept. 20, 2015 at 11:21 a.m.

Some days I wonder if we’ve gone too far. You know, past the point of no return. Have we reached the precipice, where not only is common sense not too common, but it’s not even valued? Has political correctness run amok finally managed to strangle any semblance of being an overall sane and socially stable nation?

These questions stem from the recent cases of transgender students and their desire, and accommodation, to use restroom facilities in high schools located in Virginia, Ohio, and Missouri. Has it come to this, really?

I get it, some people are troubled. Some people no doubt, legitimately suffer from the confusion of gender identity. Although, to be honest, being confused doesn’t change truth. The test to know whether or not you are male or female, in 99.9% of cases, is a pretty easy one. If you’re not familiar with it, ask a friend. I’m sure they can help you.

I could get off track on this, but that isn’t the point of this particular blog. No matter how confused someone is, they are still a person. They are to be respected, and as Christians, we are called to love them. This is pretty cut and dry. Having issues with which gender they “identify” with isn’t grounds to torment, bully or even discriminate against them.

Herein lies the problem. In our oversensitive, begging for offense, lost, liberal wonderland of no absolutes, people actually believe that denying a person the right to use the wrong restroom is discrimination. Dear God, we’ve all gone cross-eyed.

In case you didn’t know, I’ll help clarify: If you have a penis, you use the boys/men’s restroom commonly labeled with the international symbol for males found on restrooms worldwide. If in fact you have a vagina, you then use the restroom labeled with the international symbol of a female. To the ire of feminists everywhere, this symbol is a figure with a dress. This helps us know it’s a woman. Don’t worry, I’m sure that’s already under attack.

You see, these basic identifiers help answer these questions very clearly. To sum it up: Male parts, male restroom. Female parts, female restroom. How hard is this to grasp?

Had this debate been around in any previous time throughout the history of our great nation, I’m sure there would have been many pubescent boys who suddenly were confused when restroom time rolled around. In what warped, bizarre world are we asking parents to allow their daughters to use the same restroom as a boy, complete with penis, in the name of not discriminating?

When you refuse to allow girls to feel secure in the restroom around other girls and boys to use restrooms with other boys, aren’t you in fact discriminating against those who aren’t confused? Does it make any sense to disrupt the entire restroom structure as we’ve always known it to accommodate .03% of the population? Anyone tapping into their brain to process this knows the answer. Unless of course their radical liberal agenda has clouded their sense of reason.

No matter if the person in question identifies as male, female, puppy, kitten (kids do often identify as puppies and kittens, you know?) or tarantula, the litmus test is to use the restroom with those who have the same equipment. There, problem solved.

If those in our school systems, charged with educating our children to become the future of our nation, aren’t capable of this common sense conclusion, then we’re doomed. I hate to go all Glen Beck panic-mode on you, but you read that right: Doomed! When we don’t even know what’s male or female anymore then there is nothing we do know. Nothing.

Regardless of what slanted “science” may say, we’re not doing any favors to those who suffer, or anyone else, when we refuse to embrace moral and absolute truth. They won’t tell you about the tragic heightened chances of depression and suicide that accompany gender reassignment surgery. None of that matters to PC police. Only your right to self-identify.

I’m not a doctor but I don’t have to be to know the answer here. Your sexuality doesn’t define you, period. If you’re male, you’re male. If you’re female, you’re female. If you’re black you’re black and if you’re white, you’re white. How you “identify” doesn’t change reality. Trust me. I identify as a best-selling author and owner of several successful businesses now relaxing in his beachside cabana in Belize. Yet, here I sit in my home, in Texas, working on another blog.

I’m not at all suggesting that any “transgender” person should be treated as less than anyone else. I’m not saying they aren’t people with feelings worthy of being loved. They absolutely are. However, love is not lying to people and it’s certainly not allowing them to pick and choose rules and standards as they see fit. It's also not allowing taxpayer money pay for dangerous gender reassignment surgery that doesn't solve the mental health issue behind the problem, and in fact, serves to exacerbate it.

When it comes to who uses what restroom, the answer couldn’t be any clearer or simple. If we’re in a parallel universe that doesn’t’ grasp this, next thing you know, Donald Trump will be leading candidate for the GOP nomination. Wait…(Calm down oversensitive Trumpites, I kid. Kind of.)

The only exception to this we should be willing to offer, is a temporary accommodation for females who identify as male, and would like to make a run at using the urinals. Good luck, girls.

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