Sunday, December 17, 2017

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Only Son

Stop insulting my Christ-appointed, ethnic Black identity

In Only Son

By J. Smith IV
June 17, 2016 at 9:02 a.m.

As I have been witness to this grotesque phenomena for several years now, expressed both verbally and in published writings, it's time that I spoke up about this gross comparison to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, a most pivotal movement inexorably linked to Black folks to the legalization of homosexuals as a protected class: as if the whole of the historictiy of the Pan-African experience has anything to do with the homosexual platform "on fleek" in this country.

Get real! Please cease and desist from the rhetoric.

Comparing the Civil Rights Movement with its roots stemming from the systematic enslavement and oppression of Black people to the homosexual state of things in this country is inappropriate, insulting and totally out of line, on any number of levels. They are not to be compared.

Let me make it plain.

Choosing Homosexuality = sin
Being born African or an ethnic Black/African-American = no sin

Got it? Are you sure?.........No?

Read on.

A comparison of the Civil Rights Movement at its genesis, stemming from the root legalization of slavery and the subsequent systematic mistreatment and abuse of people of African descent in the USA through Jim Crow laws, to that of the civic agendas of homosexuality at play in this country is sick.

And, I don't mean "sick" in any complimentary context of the term, coined by younger generations. The comparison is inappropriate and insulting. It is a disgrace to me personally and it's disrespectful to the spiritual reality of the beautiful image of what God has created and is now shaping and conditioning in me, as a Christian, ethnic Black man.

Nothing in the way of this sexual revolution/liberation/rebellion agenda to legalize and promote same-sex life choices and place homosexuals under a protected class of people has anything to do with the last five hundred years of the African and/or African-American diaspora.

I challenge anyone to begin a survey consulting any number of Africans, living on the great mother continent, then work your way back to querying African-Americans in this country as well. As you begin your survey, start with any number of historically ethnic Black churches throughout Texas and see if those Black folks respect your comparisons of their identity to a choice of homosexual act. They won't...

...because it's like comparing rotted apples to ripe oranges.

As for me, I go on record....HERE.....NOW......and anywhere to defend the innocence of an ethnic race of people against comparison with a vile act. It's interesting how people don't step out of line with the historical mistreatment of the Jews with such a distorted comparison of genetics and lifestyle choice of homosexual acts, but have no qualms about insulting Black people en masse with this nonsense.

It really doesn't surprise me that much that, after all of this time, some people are still finding creative and destructive ways to insult and diminish the beauty of our cultural, ethnic Black identity by pimping our collective suffering through the Civil Rights Movements of the 1960s, with an inappropriate comparison to somebody's individual choice of sex acts: totally out of line.

What is more, it ought to be needs to be said, that Black people especially, have no business whatsoever making such a comparison in an effort to promote a civil rights agenda for homosexuals!

Granted, it does make for cunning rhetoric by people who in most instances, can't even relate to what it is to have experienced the cultural inequities of being a Negro: people who in all sincerity could not care less about Black folks in any genuinely authentic and substantive way, except of course to use us to make some point for their own agenda in sympathizing or promoting a gay lifestyle choice! And, while it may be cunning rhetoric at best, it's deranged and banal thinking at worst.

To those who employ this rhetorical stratagem, I'm here to tell you straight up! You're not fooling anyone. We know you never cared about Black people but you do rush pale male into the madness of a word war with your mouth, using the Civil Rights Movement as a foot stool to promote protected class status and civil rights for individuals who choose to have same-sex acts as their personal choice, all done in an effort to invoke new liberal sympathizers to the homosexual agenda of becoming a protected class under U.S. law.


Out of courtesy, one would do well to exercise his or her constitutional right to freedom of speech about homosexuality and state their case against the injustice of unkind treatment, abuse and evil, including the Orlando massacre of innocents. The Longview vigil was, in my opinion, an appropriate response and appreciated act of solidarity against such evil. But out of tolerance and for sensitivity's sake, people should take care not to offend the very Black people who they purport to hold up in such high civic esteem by comparing the inequities of our Blackness to the personal choices of those who willingly choose to engage in same-sex encounters and long-term arrangements.

As if African-Americans haven't been prostituted enough, it incenses me that some people are so desperate to claim legitimacy for their own choices in their personal life, that they are practically frothing at the mouth to make such inappropriate comparisons to the culturally collective innocence of Africans and their descendants with the homosexual agenda. Such people love to regurgitate gross comparisons of ethnic identity to a sexual act of the will: a decision that most certainly can be denied by anyone precisely because all sexual expressions and acts are a choice.

A virgin is a virgin until that day that the virgin gives their bodies over to a sexual act. How can one claim a so-called "sexual identity" without first committing to the deliberate and prolonged act of choice? But, if one engages in intercourse, they are no longer a virgin. Likewise, a homosexual enters into homosexuality at which point they give themselves over to deliberate, repeated homosexual acts.

The good news is that a person can reclaim their virginity, that is to say, a person's sexual purity (their "virginity"), one's wholeness before God, can be restored, presentable by and before YHWH Mekoddishkem himself. Likewise, anyone claiming to be homosexual in their "Questioning" status and/or otherwise, may very well be convinced of who or what they are, but this is not to suggest that they cannot claim a brand new identity in CHRIST as a child of God. Granted, there is no surgical procedure necessary but one will need to be "born again."

<insert Bible thumping right about right......NOW>

"If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins..."; however...

****I John 1:8-9****



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