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Only Son

The Conjuring 2

In Only Son

By J. Smith IV
June 24, 2016 at 2:13 p.m.

I redeemed a free admission movie ticket last night. I sauntered into The Conjuring 2. I watch scary movies like some people who have to ride every roller coaster ever built.

One of the things I've noticed in these demonic, supernatural horror features is that the characters are basically defenseless because the reality of the biblical word and YHWH's power in the movie world is of little to no effect against the malevolent presence within these films. It's as if "God is dead"...or impotent or uninterested.

Admittedly, when the shadows begin to move and the chairs start flying...when the weird color contacts are inserted into the orbs of the actors and actresses and heads start to roll, it is a scary thought that God has allowed all of this supernatural chaos in the character's world and THAT is truly a scary thought: children and adults utterly defenseless against evil. In The Conjuring 2, the key to overcoming the power of the evil was in knowing the name of the evil personified. The very idea of knowing the name of the demon as being key to defeating it was totally silly to me.

As I sat shrouded in darkness, many of the names of God I'd been studying this month sprang to mind. I mused "Why should the name of demons be significant to their defeat?" It's knowing the character and identity within the many names of God sprinkled throughout the holy scriptures that counts. Besides that, I have enough trouble trying to remember and accurately pronounce the thousands of students that I've taught over the last thirteen years!

For your consideration, I have included a link connected to my former church pastor's 30-day devotional entitled "The Names of God." Dr. Anthony Evans himself pronounces each of the thirty names of God, found throughout the sixty-six books of the Holy Bible at the following link:



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