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Only Son

Teacher Appreciation Week

In Only Son

By J. Smith IV
May 1, 2016 at 6:36 p.m.

Now, now….wait a minute.…before you go off, I can imagine what you’re thinking at the reading of this blog title.  Understandably, your initial reactionary thought may be something along the lines of:

As tax-payers and parents, we’d appreciate it if these public school teachers would stop having improper relationships with our children!  That’s what we’d appreciate!  

I get it.  Got it.  I promise!

That said, in acknowledgement of Teacher Appreciation Week, I ask only this:  take a knee at some point during the course of your child’s school day and pray for your child's teacher to rely upon the wisdom of the Lord, for we are in need of wisdom.  Clearly, teachers are in need of wisdom and should seek it with all due diligence.  Agreed? 

"Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" but experience from trial and suffering may be our life-long tutor.  

It is not survival of the fittest or "beast mode" that allows any of us to be upheld in our duties both in and beyond the classroom, from one school year to the next.  It is equal parts competence, confidence, grace, resourcefulness, forgiveness (both mine and yours) and wisdom. 

Admittedly, hypertension medication and anti-depressants may play a part. 

So, as you go about your business, while entrusting your child to our classroom as their assigned teacher for the hour or for the day, please know that we ourselves are constantly in prayer, even while working. 

In any event, your intercessory prayers for teachers to seek wisdom from YHWH, both home-school, public, private, custodial, clerks and behavioral unit specialists et. al is greatly appreciated this week because everyone occupies the role of “teacher”, at some point or another.  And, people can teach you one of two things:  what to do and what not to. 

As public school teachers, we do our best to lean forward in the foxhole.  



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