Friday, December 15, 2017

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Parenting Is The Revolution

In Intrepid Dad

Aaron Blakeley

By Aaron Blakeley
April 24, 2017 at 4:48 p.m.

Your Activism Has Failed

It’s true! Your news outlet, political avatar, perfect ideology, government funded program and non profit organization have done nothing to improve the overall course that society is taking. No matter how many marches, social media posts, boycotts or votes you manage to execute; when you look to the right and to the left you are still in the throng of moral lemmings, and we are all headed for the cliff. Your activism has failed, really it’s only a symptom of societies collected morals having a cascading failure. 

Your Politics Solve Nothing

Your politics have failed too. You have worshiped these men of lies and false religion so long you can’t see that right or left they are all just as flawed as you. You would not trust yourself with such power, why have you trusted them? Maybe speak to your friends who believe exactly like you, I am sure they will console you in this moment of clarity. Perhaps you can organize your community.

Social Media Posts, News Stories, Marches and No Amount of Yelling Will Change The Course

Maybe during your march you will realize that no amount of yelling will change the course. There is no societal Prozac that can make your ideals realizable in a practical way. There is no amount of money from your right wing / left wing donors that will make the tide of failed promises into food for children, housing for the poor and respect for all living. Morals have no place in social media, community organizing, news reporting or revolution. 

Parenting Is The Revolution

Life is incremental, few things ever go upside down all at once or right side up for that matter; this world, your world is no different. Morals, have been slowly chipped away till it is fine to lie, cheat steal and do whatever you want as long as it does not offend anyone. Even if it does offend someone then you can just get counter offended at their offense.

Burning, it down is not the answer either in the same way burning down the boat you are currently riding in the will not get you across the pacific any faster. We need a solution that plays the long game. Something we have not been doing that has been proven time and time again to work as long as it is done. It needs to be something that can’t be legislated or required. 

I think I have just the right solution. Societies grow from generation to generation. One generation gets old and passes the reigns of power off to the next and so on and so forth till we get to where we are right now. So the solution is simple! Raise your children! Put down the phone, close the laptop, turn off the news and TV; go for a walk. Talk to your children, ask them what they think and really listen. Then teach them what you think. While you're at it teach them to respect everyone even if they disagree. Teach them who they are, precious human beings created by God in his image. Because if we are to ever turn the march away from the cliff we must first start with respectful disagreement and a true understanding of our identity.

Who am I? My name is Aaron Blakeley and I am a parent to children who need a parent. To my very core I am this. It is my ministry, it is my act of worship, it is my ever present reality, and muse. I have found myself among quite titans of the same ilk, known as foster parents. I see men and women struggle to find stride and strength enough to care for the least of our society and I hope and pray that maybe my words would be an encouragement and a boon to someone who needs them and that I might be encouraged in the process. If you like what I write you can find me here, where poetry and short stories happen and at a dad blog that is worth a read



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