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Christmas Vacation

In The Weekley Blog

By Jeremiah Weekley
Dec. 29, 2017 at 9:23 a.m.

One of my goals had always been to take my family on a ski trip for vacation. I'm not sure why, but it's something I always wanted to do. For various reasons (family obligations, work, financial, etc.), it never really worked out in the past. But this God we did it.

Seriously, by God. These past two years (nearly a decade really) of launching a business, eliminating debt, praying for and parenting our children have been so blessed. Not perfect. Not error free. Not void of conflict and struggle, but so blessed. We've come oh so far.

This vacation marked something really special for me. Promises fulfilled, goals achieved and an overwhelming sense that God has so much more in store for our family, church, business and beyond.

When I tell you that if I myself, our marriage, and our family can be where we are now and have walked (and still walking) through all we've been through, then there is hope for anyone. God is good.

My prayer for our children is they are able to properly frame, learn and reflect from seeing two people have made so many mistakes, done so many things the hard way, and continue to walk out our imperfections through the grace of a loving God that they can't help but feel the gravity and awe of what He's done in our lives.

I've taken the hard road so many times. I've been knocked down so many times. I've felt defeated so many times and yet, I've always heard that "still small voice" and never given up. I've clung to my dreams and goals when people thought I was crazy for it. I've made it and lost it and seemingly cost our family everything. It's all been part of the forging process.

I'm so far from perfect or being any model "Christian" that claiming to be often seems awkward. I've no time, energy or effort for religious pretension or piousness, as that's been beaten out of me, and thank God for it.

And it was on this vacation, with my family, although missing our middle son, that I was able to unplug for the most part, and be small, be a husband, be a father, and be a son in a beautiful part of God's creation. I breathed mountain air. Took in vast expanses. Saw beautiful star-speckled skies and shooting stars. Observed elk herds, mule deer and other wildlife. Sucked at skiing. Enjoyed snowmobiling. Most importantly, took my people on that vacation I'd dreamed of.

We took our time, counted our blessings, enjoyed ourselves, dealt with some battles (as always), and loved every minute of it. My wife knocked the planning and organizing out of the park so we could load up and enjoy, and that we did.

We are so blessed. God is so very good.



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