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Bryan Partee

By Bryan Partee
Feb. 1, 2018 at 6 a.m.
Updated Jan. 26, 2018 at 12:31 p.m.

by Carrle Macklin, Area Director    

I was reading this past week in my devotional about a "helper". This was very fitting because we have so many people that come to the club on a weekly basis that are here getting service hours for school, community service hours for a school organization etc... The first thing that you can point out is if they are here just to get their hours or if they are truly wanting to serve the community by giving back to a non-profit organization. The "helpers" that invest in the kids and keep coming back beyond the hours that they are required to get. Those are the people that the kids and teens remember, those are the once that get talked about throughout the year. When a kid or teen is asking when will Ms. Katy here today? Or even why is said "helper" not here today? 

 A good "helper" is not necessarily the one that does only what they are told but they go outside of the box and find what the teens like to do and they run with it. Each "helper" brings different and unique traits to the Boys & Girls Clubs and without some of them we could not function because they have wonderful ideas and are fun to be around.  

In my years at the Boys & Girls Clubs that is one thing that I have learned that if a person really fits in art, then do not put them in the gym or gamesroom. They will not reach their full potential and that is what we want for our volunteers to do. When you are excited about what you are doing everyone can see that and will want to join in and they might like it as well. We are not born to fit in we are born to stand out.  

After all our mission is for "The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Pines will be "the place to be" for youth and teens in East Texas; Club leadership will develop and implement programs and events that will increase participation and excel in community involvement.And will "helpers" or volunteers that have a passion to serve we will achieve that! 



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