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Only Son

"Breakfast for Dads" and the problem of fathers in absentia

In Only Son

By J. Smith IV
Jan. 9, 2018 at 9:57 a.m.

Regarding, the recent "Breakfast for Dads" event at the Billy Earl Dade Middle School of the Dallas Independent School District, the reality of the situation, children and their absentee fathers, is a most personal, painful and often disturbingly numbing affect for the kid, if not an agent of rage to be thoughtfully and sensitively considered, for the children who are bereft of present, active fathers.

To function as a youth in this present age, day-by-day, week by week, year by year without a dad in the home is utterly alien to me. I have often contemplated what life I might have been reduced to, without my two parents beside, behind, in front and center to lead me into adulthood. I am careful to remember the "luxury"of having both parents in my life continually, consistently and cooperatively, since (my) Day 1 into this world, to adulthood.

Such is not the case, for a great many American children. As former Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy has stated, there are "no excuses, no explanations." "Fatherlessness"......the very term is an affront to God's original design for the family! A patriarchal influence should function as the head of every home with children. Alas, such is not the case. In fact, there is a mindset, a spirit of discord, resistance and confusion, where some would prefer there be no patriarchal head of the household of each family. The very thought is "offensive" to such a mindset. Enter the "Jezebel spirit." But, I digress.

The men who showed up as mentors to be selected by the male students, to sit and eat for this "Dads for Breakfast" function at the Billy Earl Dade Middle School of the Dallas ISD are to be commended. Each of the male volunteers showed up to be selected as a "dad" to an actual son without a "father" at the event, for whatever reasons. These mighty men won't receive the same attention as "the unfailing love of a mother" narrative en vogue in a postmodern culture but the men who "showed up" will be remembered to an heretofore unknown child there, at the event hosted by the school. If they did it for Love's sake, they shall have their reward. And, in no small "Thanks!" to Pastor Parish, those sons at Billy Earl Dade Middle School who participated in the recent Breakfast for Dads function are no longer "fatherless", if they ever truly were. Also, the father's who have consistently been counted "Present" since Day 1 of the birth and rearing of their sons and daughters are to be commended with all due honor and fanfare.

And, for those who are in absentia for any number of so-called "Dads & Daughters lunches", luncheons and "Breakfasts for Dads"......Sunday school lessons yet to be had BY bible devotionals,sermons and meta-lectures at the kitchen tables of America within our own homes BY DADS.... prayers at the flag pole and at the children's bedside at night BY DADS on bended knees......volunteer ministries with our children tagging along, hand in hand with THEIR DADS, and mercifully short trips to the grocery stores WITH DADS (to give MOM a break!!!), as Christ would have us to do.... be counted "Present" for our fatherly and friendly presence with loving, financial support at band choir performances and choir recitals, soccer games and tennis try-outs, along with the obligatory "Daddy/daughter dances" too (....I don't dance....), it's probably not too late if both you and your daughters and/or sons are still living to take the next step towards greater accountability as a dad and father, in a better relationship with your child or children. You may even start by writing a letter to yourself (...or even your child) with the stated intention of even wanting to. May we press our fatherly lips upon the Cup and drink thereof.

And, there is room at the Cross as well.

As for me, I shall wear a crown...

.....with jewels, due in large part, to my own dad and most certainly because of my Heavenly Father's unfailing presence, love and great Gift to me!


John 14:18-20
Ephesians 6:4
Colossians 3:21
James 1:27
2 Timothy 4:8
art entitled "Spirit of Fatherhood" by Larry "Poncho" Brown 



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