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Insider: Notes from Green-White Game

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Hayden Henry

By Hayden Henry
May 17, 2016 at 10:50 p.m.
Updated May 17, 2016 at 10:50 p.m.

Here's a few extra notes from the Lobos' Green-White Game on Tuesday:

  • Roshodrick Harmon wasted little time showing the move to cornerback is strong one by appearing out of nowhere for a PBU on the first play of the day. Harmon appears to have packed on some weight this offseason.
  • From there, the offense failed to gain traction with a quick stop on a run up the middle, followed by a dropped pass for the first reset.
  • Enter Kendrevian White. His first carry of the day went for 20 yards. He was a bull all day, as he has been throughout the spring. With White at RB early, D'Crayvan Polk went to the slot, where he had a long reception.

  • After that, another drop. On a 3rd-and-10, TE Jaylin Brown pulled down a screen pass and made something out of what appeared to nothing. It was the first of several times that OL Kendall Starling appeared well downfield providing big blocks.
  • Kobe Davis and Cam Starling stuffed out a run for rest No. 2.
  • Here's where the traction picks up: White had back-to-back runs for 10 and 15 yards, followed by a burst from Polk around the outside where he lowered his head and bulled for more.
  • King: "D'Crayvan had a good spring. He and Kendrevian both, we felt like we had seen what they are capable of all spring. We felt good for a drive or two for those guys. They give us a one-two bunch. Trajan Bush, the limited action he had this spring, is only going to get better. He did a good job running the football and blocking. Then the young bull in Jessie Anderson had a good spring as well."
  • Kendle Johnson had a diving catch across the middle for 14 yards.

  • The Lobo defense was able to get pressure on QB Gaylon Wiley throughout the day and Wiley, the majority of the time, made things happen with his feet. The first being a seven-yard scramble that set the offense up for the first score of the day.
  • King: "I think Gaylon has really established himself as a leader of this team. He made some plays for us. We're going to have to get better and consistent around him, offensive line, receivers, the whole lot. He's not a one-man show but he's the game manager. Once we get the guys around him playing at a another level, he'll be even better and more consistent for us."

  • Junior QB A'Darius Carter had a strong day as well, particularly with his arm, including a 40-plus yard pass to Tavion Shaw and another to sophomore WR Kamden Perry, who made my notebook several times throughout the scrimmage.
  • Wiley followed on the second set with some deep throws of his own. The first going to Polk and the second to Eric Timberlake, who shows the ability to knock the top off opposing defenses.
  • King: "There's a few options there at wide receiver. Timberlake has the most experience. He's improved as football player. He showed us that he can block well. Not only can he run, he can mix it up. that's important in being able to make things happen without the football. We had some solid plays that continued drives with the chips on the line out of those guys."
  • Junior DB Javotrick Dotrey broke up a pair of passes.
  • Overall, the edge went defensively. That was the area where the eyes were at entering the spring. The unit has progressed well with the transition to the 3-4 defense, which enables a host of athletes to get in the mix. There's plenty of options, it appears, up front defensively.
  • King: "We've got more of those kind of guys  -- the stand-up types at linebacker and safety. It's going to enable us to get athletes on the field. We're short at defensive line. No 1, we'll have more depth and rotation interior-wise. Cameron Starling those type of guys. Jalen Carr, you didn't hear his name mentioned too much, but he had a great spring for us in our eyes. It didn't always show up in tackles or interceptions but the things he did really showed up in our eyes. Webster is going to be productive out of there. I feel like we've got more speed and athleticism that will help us match up better with the teams that we're going to face."
  • Those include: Montavian Reed, Nick Writt, Chase Davis, Josh Moon, D'Marjai Dearion, Danny Slayton Jr.
  • Kendall Starling had high praise for the defensive line. "They were solid and have progressed so much. Three of them were handling us at times."
  • In total, the Green-White Game featured 150 total snaps.
  • The JV, depleted with so much youth going with the 1s and 2s, had a good day overall as well.
  • This is my third spring practice to cover and entering the fourth season of covering Lobo football and it's easily one of the youngest and most inexperienced, varsity-wise, teams that I've seen.
  • King on the youth movement: "We've got 31 seniors so we will be younger. At least half of the varsity roster will be underclassmen. We'll be young and inexperienced. We've got great senior leadership and some young guys in spots that have started to show that they're mature enough to handle it. There's going to be growing pains, there's no doubt about it. Now it's a matter of getting over the hump in a hurry. It's been a great transition for a lot of these guys. They came in with a little uncertainty and that faded over these past few weeks. It's a thing where you don't know until you know. It's a step up -- you've got to bring it every play and they figured that out quickly. You keep biting at it, you're going to be there in a hurry."

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(Check back for more notes, videos and comments from Lobo HC John King on Wednesday)



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