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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- According to the official website of the Los Angeles Beverly Arts International Art Festival ("LABA International Art Festival"), appraisals were obtained for three of Jiannan Huang's paintings: "The Flower of Youth," "The Flowers in Mountains," and "Inexhaustible." Appraisals of all three works were provided by fine art appraiser, Sara Mokhtari, with retail replacement values established at $450,000, $1,150,000, and $1,450,000, respectively. US Artbank International, a leading authority in art investments in Asia, requested the appraisals for insurance purposes.

Jiannan Huang is one of the most celebrated artists in the World. He specializes in Chinese ink painting and is known for integrating ink painting techniques into his pioneering oil paintings. He is ranked third on the 2020 Hurun China Art List and 19th on the Hurun Global List, with art sales of $29 million.

Jiannan Huang also holds multiple positions: he is director of the Chinese Traditional Culture Promotion Association, Overseas Art Consultant for "Cheering for the Olympics" organizing committee, a member of the French National Artists Committee, an art consultant of the World Low-Carbon City Alliance, and an honorary citizen of the Gold Medal of the Republic of Guinea. The Indonesian royal family bestowed him the tile of his Royal Highness, the "Earl," and he received the title of the "Royal Sacred Knight of Constantine" from Italy. Recently, he was voted the only honorary member of the Royal Society of St. George ("RSSG") in Asia.

In May, 2021, the LABA International Art Festival curated an event of Mr. Huang's artwork at the Beverly Hilton hotel attended by celebrities and influential fine art experts to promote international art and cultural exchange. On October 28, 2020, Jiannan Huang was invited to participate in the LABA International Art Festival as a blue-chip artist. In less than a year, Jiannan Huang's artwork has captured the interest of art collectors in North America, reaching a potential audience of 10 million viewers.

Sara Mokhtari is an appraiser with 35 years of fine art appraisal experience. She has appraised artworks for notable galleries and has worked closely with auction houses around the World, including Sotheby's, Christie's, and Phillip's in the United States; Artcurial, Aguttes, Blanchet, Debureaux in Paris; Bassenge, Fischer, Hauswedell Nolte in Germany; and Koller in Switzerland. Her expertise includes the Modern Masters such as Picasso, Chagall, Dali, Miro, Matisse, etc., Old Master prints and drawings such as Rembrandt, Durer, 18th and 19th-century French prints and paintings, Belle Epoque School, Impressionist School, and Barbizon School such as Lautrec, Cheret, Robbe, Cassatt, Manet, Monet, Degas, Lhermitte, Breton, Delpy, Raffaelli, Jacque, and Diaz.

Mokhtari's evaluation of Huang's works was strictly based on the influence of Mr. Huang's art worldwide, market prices at various auction houses, and particularly Huang's impact and market prices in the North American art market over the past year.

US Artbank's market management team will soon work with experts and scholars from the LABA International Art Festival. They plan to hire a professional law firm to promote Jiannan Huang's three oil paintings to top auction houses such as Sotheby's, Christie's, and Phillip's.

Three other million-dollar works by Jiannan Huang are also undergoing evaluation. According to Richard Wearn, a world-renowned sculptor and Professor of Fine Arts at the University of California, Los Angeles, Huang will soon launch works with a relatively longer creative cycle and a more profound impact on content for a professional evaluation.

At present, the Loma Nazarene University of Southern California and the RSSG California branch are communicating with Mr. Huang about his artwork charity donation, and both parties agree to select Jiannan's best artwork for art lovers.

About US Artbank

US Artbank International (USABI) is an investment holding company that endeavors to bring the best in fine art to the World and provide art investment opportunities to both new and long-time collectors. The firm was established in 2020 to revolutionize the art market by offering an approach to art collecting and investment that is transparent, secure, and inexpensive. Our team is composed of art advisory and investment professionals ready to help you navigate the art market or nurture your artistic taste and knowledge.

About Jiannan Huang

Jiannan Huang, also known as Miao Jian, is one of the World's finest artists in oil painting and traditional Chinese ink. He is a Gold Medal-winner of the Global Charity Alliance. Huang has been on the Hurun China Art List published by the Hurun Research Institute for seven years. In 2020, Jiannan ranked 3rd on the Hurun Art List for Chinese artists and 19th on the Hurun Global Art List as one of the top artists in the World. Jiannan is ranked 21st in the "Top 500 Global Contemporary Artists" at Artprice, the authoritative European and American art website. In his early years, Jiannan walked more than 38,000 kilometers across China, traveled north and south, and went deep into desert villages and towns to see the country and experience life to create his art.

For more information about Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA) and the LABA Los Angeles International Art Festival, visit their website.

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