Charm Fashion

Chairwoman of Denim and Diamonds, Libby Bryson, representing Junior Achievement’s Denim and Diamonds fundraiser Pink, mid-sleeve, criss-cross top by Umgee - $26 Necklace by Wired Heart - $18 Skirt with stitching by Umgee - $38, on Tuesday January 30, 2018, at Miss Mary's Place. (Michael Cavazos/News-Journal Photo)

April brings the arrival of two fundraisers that invite attendees to mix their Texas with some bling and help out a couple of good causes: Denim and Diamonds by Junior Achievement of East Texas and Blue Jeans & Ball Gowns by East Texas CASA.

Our Charm models found the perfect outfits for the evening at Cavender’s Boot City in Longview, with the event center Miss Mary’s Place offering a beautiful backdrop for this Charm fashion feature.