I normally try to spread my beauty experiments all over your beautiful faces, but as chance would have it, I am going to explore the world of lashes. Yes, I looked at lashes in the last issue; you may recall that I looked at mascara on the cheap – the best of the drugstore mascara offerings. There are a ton of great options and I hope you were able to try one out!

While looking at drugstore mascara brands, I spent some research time at our local Ulta. When visiting with some of the beauty consultants, more than one mentioned that they wear false eyelashes, and that a favorite among the Ulta staff were magnetic lashes. I’d heard of these before …

My friend Lori is a trendy gal and she tried out magnetic eyelashes several years ago and decided they were a total fail. The type of lashes she experimented with included two arcs of lashes per eye, each piece with tiny magnets attached that would clamp to your own lashes when applied above and below. The magnetic lashes that the ladies at Ulta recommended were different – these updated lashes include magnetic eyeliner that the lashes adhere to. This concept intrigued me, but I already had so many mascaras to evaluate – no time for falsies!

Fast forward a month or so and I am texting with a friend who tells me she has been wondering about magnetic eyelashes vs. glued eyelashes, so we gathered some of our best gal pals to try out various falsies. Here’s what we learned:

My friend Claire tried Ardell Naked Lash No. 421 (Ulta, $4.99). These lashes are a glue version; Claire’s assessment is as follows:

Looked pretty good, but hard to get in place evenly on both eyes. I would recommend the clear glue and not the black glue. If you don’t get one on in the right place the first time, you can reposition the lashes; but with the black glue, the glue leaves a mark when you move the lashes. You end up with colored, messed-up glue that looks like crazy eyeliner. And it is HARD to get off and does not come off with eye makeup remover. Took 12 hours for the colored glue to wear off, so even when I made the lashes look good and finally got them in the right place, the remnants of the glue in all the wrong placements made me look crazy.

As Claire said, clear glue solves the messy glue problem. You should be aware, however, that black glue disguises the base of the lashes, which can be a plus, depending on the style of lash you choose. The problem of applying the lashes evenly to both eyes was universal among my friends. I am right handed and found it easy to apply lashes to my right eye, but my left eye was a nightmare! Solution? A set of lash applicator tweezers are under $5 and have a large, crescent shaped end to easily place lashes in the perfect spot.

My friend Lanie tried the Ardell brand Magnetic Liner and Lash kit in the Accent 002 style (Ulta, $15). This kit includes an eyeliner brush and a pot of magnetic gel eyeliner as well as one set of lashes. The directions recommend two coats of eyeliner before applying the magnetic lashes, which Lanie painted on like a pro! The lashes looked great … but did not last. She said that they wouldn’t stick on one side after only a couple of hours.

I tried the Eylure ProMagnetic Magnetic Lash Eyeliner (Ulta, $9.99) and Eylure Faux Mink Luxe Magnetic lashes ($16.99), which came highly recommended by the Ulta staff. I liked the liquid liner and thought it was easy to apply the three recommended coats. But like Lanie, my lashes would not stay put! I tried more layers of the liner, but more coats actually made the liner peel off. Sadly, these were a fail.

I was determined to find a winning lash, so I tried the highly-rated Eylure Naturals No. 20 (Target, $9.99), which included three sets of lashes and a tiny tube of clear glue. These lashes look fairly sparse, have a variety of colors mixed together and are various lengths. The glue reminded me of Elmer’s, and once applied to the lashes becomes tacky in 20-30 seconds. Once the glue set up, I used my fancy lash applicator to glue them just above my lash line. Voila! They looked pretty fantastic and natural, no mascara necessary. The packaging says that the lashes can stay put for up to 18 hours; I found that they lasted a good 8 hours before they started to lift. The second time I wore them I was careful to apply a thicker coat of glue and make sure the glue was very tacky before I adhered the lashes to my eyelid. This approach definitely resulted in longer wear. I even wore the lashes to bed – just to see if they would last through the night. I woke up the next morning with lashes completely intact.

My conclusion is that as far as falsies are concerned, glued lashes are the way to go. Practice makes perfect when applying, and do yourself a favor and invest in lash applicator tweezers. There are so many fun styles available, and trying a few out won’t break the bank. Go for it!

If you are allergic to Latex, be sure to read the fine print before you purchase lashes! Some glues and liners contain Latex, but there are plenty of Latex-free options as well in both magnetic liners as well as glue.

Want lush lashes for a special occasion? Purchase lashes at Ulta and one of their experts will apply them for you for just $5. Make sure you call ahead to find out what their current COVID-19 policy is for this service.

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