What makes our skin go slack as we age? The primary causes are loss of collagen, which provides volume beneath the skin’s surface, and loss of elastin, the protein that forms elastic connective tissue in the dermis of the skin. Earlier this year I went under the needles of the Lumenis Legend M2, which promises to improve both in aging skin. Here’s what I learned …

What is it?

The Legend M2 is a nonsurgical treatment that aids in skin resurfacing and regeneration as well as reduction in wrinkles. Similar to other treatments I have written about in the past, Legend M2 uses ultra thin needles to superficially puncture the skin and create “micro wounds” to encourage the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. In addition to the “micro wounds,” or channels in the skin, the Legend M2 also delivers controlled heat to the deep dermis, causing collagen fibers to contract and yielding immediate results.

Other benefits include little to no downtime, minimal pain and lasting results. Legend M2 is suitable for all skin tones and types, though it is not recommended for patients with pacemakers, defibrillators or any implanted electronic or metal devices in the treatment areas. A course of three to five treatments is recommended.

My experience

Mandy Faughn at Ageless Medical Clinic performed my Legend M2 treatment. Mandy does a great job of helping identify treatments that are right for your skin, and as she walked me through what to expect with the Legend M2, she uttered six little words that were music to my ears: “This will help your chicken neck.”

You may have heard me bemoan the chicken neck in past columns. It has seemed I am past the age of “winning” in the neck department — at least short of plastic surgery. Either my neck looks crepe-y because I have been eating nothing but egg whites and applesauce, or I have a double chin because I have been eating ice cream. No in between, but I digress.

As Mandy applied numbing gel to my face, she explained the procedure and benefits. In addition to my chicken neck, Mandy thought I would see significant improvement around my eyes and softening of creases on either side of the corners of my mouth.

Once numb, Mandy got started with the Legend M2, methodically guiding the wand over my entire face and neck, pricking my skin and administering heat as she went. As I mentioned above, one of the pros of the Legend M2 is that it is minimally painful. I would offer, however, that it is not pain free. The teeny needles went deeper into my skin than other facial treatments I have experienced, and I have

to admit it brought tears to my eyes when she worked on areas of my face with very little fat, like my forehead and the bridge of my nose.

The pain was nowhere near unbearable, though, and before I knew it, Mandy was finished. After she cleaned my face, she applied a soothing collagen mask that literally put out the fiery sensation I felt in the wake of the Legend M2. I was in and out of the office — from numbing, to treatment, to cooling mask, to walking out the door — in just under an hour.

As you can see from the photos, my face was fairly puffy and red immediately following treatment. My skin recovered dramatically with each hour. A number of friends asked if I had a sunburn over the first two days post treatment; by day three, the redness had almost completely subsided. Interestingly, my neck was the place that showed the most pronounced needling marks.

I definitely saw immediate results in the plumpness of my skin. But over time, I have seen significant change in the actual wrinkles that bothered me prior to treatment.

Specifically, fine lines around my eyes, the creases on either side of my mouth, a crease between my eyes (from furrowing my brow at my children, I am certain) have all improved. And the chicken neck? Significantly better! During COVID quarantine, I used my downtime for good instead of evil and have been on a running kick, as well as generally eating (and drinking) fairly “clean.” As a result, I have dropped a few pounds (hooray), which usually results in an even more crepe-y chicken neck (boo). But not this time — and I am certain I have the Legend M2, and Mandy, to thank.