How to Remove Make-up Stains From Your Clothes


If you have ever gotten makeup stains on your clothes, you know how devastating it can be. Especially if you’re going somewhere really special and it took you forever as it was to pick out the perfect outfit. Whether you are pulling a shirt over your face and your lipstick gets on your collar, or you are leaning into your hubby or boyfriend and get foundation on his shirt, makeup stains can be a pain to get out. so I am going to give ya’ll some great tips on how to get it out! Whether its oil based foundation or lipstick, mascara or blush, here are the tips based on exactly what made the stain!

Ok first, if it was liquid foundation that made you late for your date because you had to start over on an outfit, well maybe next time you won’t have to. Here is how to remove it. If you are using a liquid foundation, it will soak into your fabric pretty quickly, so the sooner you can get the stain out, the better. Start by scraping off any excess foundation with a butter knife or plastic knife. Then blot the spot with a damp paper towel to remove the product. Next pour a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide onto the stain and work it into the fabric with your fingers. Then use a tooth brush to scrub it in. You can use your hair dryer to dry the spot if you are still wanting to wear the piece of clothing. For a powder foundation stain, mix a few drops of liquid detergent and water and rub into the fabric. You can use the powder method with blush as well!

Now for lipstick. Because lipstick is oil-based, using an oil-based cleaner will help to remove the stain. Since Dawn dishwashing liquid is a grease fighting soap, it works the best. Begin by blotting the stain to remove any excess product. Then spray a little water onto the spot with a spray bottle, but don’t soak it. Next rub a drop of the soap onto the fabric. Rub it in and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Use a rag to rub the soap in circular motions. Finish by dabbing the section of fabric clean with a dry , towel, and if the stain isn’t completely removed repeat the process as necessary.

Here is how to remove mascara from your clothes. Get a pre-wash stain fighter like Shout, and apply to the stain using the brush it comes with. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes then rinse with hot water. Let the piece of clothing dry naturally - not in the dryer because sometimes the heat from the dryer can set the stain into the fabric.

Ok now for probably the most common stain of all: deodorant. This may not be makeup but it seems to get on our clothing the most. Use a pair of nylon stockings or a dryer sheet, and rub it on the fabric against the deodorant stain. This will immediately remove it. It you don’t have either of those two things, use a piece of your shirt that doesn’t have any on it and rub it in with it. That will also remove it!

Hope y'all will be able to use these tips next time an accident happens while getting dressed!