Hats are always hot in the Spring/Summer seasons. But this year they seem to be more acceptable and worn by the most unlikely heads! Toss that East Texas baseball cap to the side! Pull that hair into a messy under the ear side knot, and snag a big or small trendy hat!

The floppy hat is oh-so-classy and probably my favorite! This woven hat can be found at any posh little boutique. I found my favorites at Morgan Abbigail on Judson Rd., and The Purple Elephant Boutique, also on Judson Rd., and Penny & Jack Salon and Clothing Co. on McCann Rd.

This floppy hat is complete with a long tailed sash. I am obsessed with this coral color. It can be paired with striking white, mint, turquoise, bright blue…I mean, seriously, its endless! Here it is shown with a fun little dress, but don’t think some denim ankles, wedges, and a button-up wouldn’t look fabulous with this.

Another great hat from Morgan Abbigail. This shade of green is simply to die for and is so chic. Everyone will be green with envy over this piece!

My top pic for this season’s must-have hat!

Can you say the word TRENDY? These faded hats are flipping awesome! Great alternative if color is too loud for you. Dress them up or down, people. I mean, that blue is such a perfect color for all hair colors and skin tones. Match up your swimwear with one of these easy breezy hats and you’ll be ready for the beach!

If you just want to look cool…the fedora is still the way to go. It’s not quite as feminine as the floppy hat, but still a top pick for celebrities and big time fashion gurus. Having a bad hair day? Ditch the cap and grab a fedora. Be careful with materials of fedoras. Keep your fall fedoras in felt and thicker materials and darker colors for fall and opt for a woven straw or light cotton choice for now.

Hats aren’t just for vacation anymore, ladies. They are for running to lunch with the girls, weekend events, and depending on the destination…date night, too! So shop local and give a hat a whirl!