Woman removing make-up

Have you noticed the influx of micellar water products on the shelves of the beauty aisles at your favorite stores? It seems everywhere I look there is a new micellar-based product.

What is micellar water, you ask? If you lived in France, you likely wouldn’t be asking that question — micellar cleansing has been a part of the French beauty routine for years.

Micellar water combines cleansing oil molecules, or micelles, with purified water. The micelles naturally attract and lift dirt and oil from your face when micellar water is swiped across on a cotton ball. There is no need to rinse, and the result is clean, moisturized skin.

The use of micellar water and a cotton ball can really pare down your cleansing time. A word of caution, though; some dermatologists recommend using a product specifically for eye makeup removal in combination with micellar water, to protect the sensitive eye area.

Have a favorite brand of makeup or skincare? Chances are, they have a micellar water product in their lineup — from low-end drugstore to high-end department store. Read the labels, too. Some include alpha hydroxyl acids to exfoliate as they cleanse; others contain elements to soothe, like aloe.

The first brand I tried was Merle Norman’s Cleansing Water Makeup Remover. The product felt like water — not oily at all, as you might expect. I swiped it over my face, including my eyes (mine are not sensitive). After several passes all makeup was removed. My face felt clean and I did not immediately need to reach for moisturizer for my very dry skin, which was a bonus. It is worth noting that the directions do say to follow with cleanser toner and moisturizer.

Next I tried Garnier’s SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 formula. I found this formula just as easy to use, and my makeup, including eye makeup, was erased after a few swipes of the cotton ball. As the name states, this product is intended to remove makeup, cleanse and refresh; the directions say that there is no need to rinse.

I definitely think micellar water is worth a try!

From time to time I like to re-examine the products I have written about over the years — which ones do I continue to use, and which have made their way to the back of the drawer? Here’s a look back:

Baby Foot

This one-time-use foot exfoliant worked a miracle on my dry, craggy heels. After years of excruciating cracks and every heel treatment under the sun, a friend recommended Baby Foot. The complete peeling of your foot is fascinating and the result is outstanding. The packaging says to use every six months, but I was able to go a year before my second application. I think I will use this one for the rest of my life.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser

I have now acquired this fantastic, lightweight concealer in several shades. I love how easy it is to use — the eraser tip is so intuitive and the coverage is perfect for me. Great bang for your buck!

Sephora Universal Lip Liner

This invisible lip liner has been one of my favorite products. I have always had a problem with wandering lipstick, and age is not helping one bit. This lip liner, which is clear, can be used with any and all lip products. You don’t even need a steady hand to apply — since it’s clear, nobody will ever see a jagged line.

Merle Norman Mascara Primer

I have tried, and reviewed, a ton of mascara primers and none hold a candle to Merle Norman’s. Where others are clumpy (even a new tube), Merle Norman’s is light and provides the perfect amount of lengthening and separation. It also makes my favorite mascara last longer than any other primer I have tried. I don’t have enough good things to say about the product; I use it every day and I love it.

blinc Mascara

I discovered tubing mascara several years ago when I wrote a piece on lengthening mascaras. Tubing mascaras are made up of polymers that form a tube around your lashes, unlike conventional mascara. The blinc formula goes on smoothly and stays put — no smudging, running or flaking until you wash it off. An added bonus — it comes off with water, no special eye makeup remover required.

Eucerin Intensive Repair Rich Lotion for Very Dry Skin

I have continued to use this Eucerin lotion religiously for my very dry skin. I like the way my skin feels moisturized for hours without feeling greasy. Ashy legs are a thing of the past.

Zoya Nail Polish

Of the long-wear nail polish brands I reviewed in early 2016, Zoya is the brand I pull out most often. With four children, I am very hard on my nails. This polish easily lasts a week. Sometimes I only take it off because my nails have grown too much and my nailbed is too obvious — not because of chipping or wear.

Rodan & Fields

After seeing lots of social media hype over Rodan & Fields skin care, I took the plunge and embarked on a year-long review of the Redefine product line. You may recall the VERY close-up photos of my 40-something face (yikes). In hindsight, I sure was happy to have those photos because they told a pretty amazing story – the products really did live up to the social media hype, and I continue to be a happy customer today. (No, I do not sell Rodan & Fields!)