How to Make Your Own Beauty Gift Basket

Fill with gifts you would like to receive as well!

One of my favorite things to get as a gift and give to someone else is beauty gift baskets. Although, I always seem to get ones that have a lot of filler and always have one or two questionable products. So I have put together a few simple steps for making your own beauty gift basket.

First, you need a basket. You don't necessarily have to buy a basket, you can use one that has been gifted to you in the past (as long as you didn't get it from the person you are making it for), or you can get a cardboard box and wrap it with colorful wrapping paper. Next, you will need some filler. This could be tissue paper, fake grass, or even paper out of your shredder. You could even try putting some colorful paper or scrapbook paper in the shredder for extra color. For the gifts you will want to give items that you would want to get. Ideas include: Sugar scrub, candles, bath salts, moisturizing lotion, a bath puff, facial mask, body wash or even body spray. Use your imagination with some of these ideas, and you will have a great gift basket. Last, add some ribbons and a bow and you have finished your beauty basket.