Safety a plus when taking a cruise

Safety is just one of the many reasons why would-be vacationers may want to take to the high seas on their next getaway.

Vacations come in many forms. Some people want nothing more out of their vacations than to get some rest and relaxation on a beach while others prefer the adventure of traveling to faraway lands and seeing some sights. Would-be vacationers who aren't sure where they fall on that spectrum might be surprised to learn there's one type of vacation that provides both R&R and adventure.

Cruise ships are loaded with luxury amenities that passengers might expect to find in high-end resorts. And because cruise ships typically dock in various ports during their time at sea, travelers who want to experience new and unique cultures can get their fill of adventure.

Some people may only know cruise ships from the stories they hear of ships stranded at sea. For example, in early spring of 2019, a Viking Sky ship suffered an engine failure, temporarily stranding the ship and its roughly 1,300 passengers off the coast of Norway. As scary as that situation may have seemed, it's important to recognize that the ship was ultimately towed to safety, and all passengers and crew were okay. In fact, a 2017 study from the cruise and tourism consultancy group G.P. Wild notes that while worldwide cruise ship capacity grew by more than 41.5 percent between 2009 and 2016, the number of significant operational incidents in that same period declined to just 19.4 incidents per year.

Safety is just one of the many reasons why would-be vacationers may want to take to the high seas on their next getaway.


People who want to jetset around the world don't need a jet to do so. In fact, a cruise ship is a much more convenient way to visit multiple locales on a single trip. Cruise passengers won't have to worry about checking in and out of multiple hotels, which also saves them the hassle of unpacking and repacking their bags several times during their trips.


Many cruise lines offer cruise vacation packages that cater to families. Packages vary by cruise line, but such offerings tend to have kid-specific activities planned throughout the trip, affording parents a chance to get some alone time together. Many cruise lines even boast late-night kids' activities, giving parents a chance to enjoy romantic dinners together.


Like resorts, cruise ships come in various shapes and sizes. Some travelers may want the feel of being on a floating city, while others may want something more intimate. Many cruise lines offer both experiences and everything in between.

Cruise vacations make the ideal getaways for those who want to combine R&R with the thrill of visiting exotic locales.