The writer’s heart in Patty Wiseman was born in first grade when she learned to read. Career, family and other factors delayed its bloom for decades, but now it’s flourishing even as she navigates new challenges.

The author, speaker and podcaster who lives in the Woodlawn community has published her ninth book and is waiting out social restrictions caused by Covid-19 to charge up sales. A glance at Wiseman’s Facebook page reveals that restrictions aren’t stopping her fans from buying “Silver’s Redemption” online, but she still misses the book signings.

The speaker and writer also listens. “Silver’s Redemption,” published in February, tells the tale of a 56-year-old East Coast professional woman who is replaced at her job by a younger woman. Feeling defeated, she retreats to her father’s West Texas ranch where she recovers her self-worth, solves a mystery and finds love — with a younger man.

Wiseman, 71, began writing about older women at her readers’ behest.

“They want books about women their age — 50s, 60s, 70s, so I kind of shifted my focus now to women who are older who find themselves in a difficult situation because of their age and they seem to be discarded. It’s very depressing when you think you’re 56 and you’ve used up all of your valuable assets,” she said. “It’s ridiculous because women in our age groups have such wealth of information and experience to share. It’s crazy to me that (a company) would discard women of a certain age.”

Wiseman’s four-part “Unlikely” series of historical novels was set in 1920s and ‘30s Detroit, the tales having been inspired in part by her grandparents.

She also wrote a children’s book she never intended to write, “Rescue at Wiseman’s Pond,” which sprang from a real-life rescue of a fox family trapped by flooding. She and her second husband Ron and their lab Cutter rescued two baby foxes. Ron encouraged her to write the story much as he had encouraged her earlier to leave her job and concentrate on realizing her writing dreams.

“He said he had my back and to do what I really wanted to do and that’s write books. Ten years later, I have nine books out and I couldn’t have done it without him” she said.

Wiseman mentors aspiring writers through her speaking engagements and through the East Texas Writers Association, sharing the lessons she has learned. She has been the group’s president for two years. And, yes, she wrote a book about how she realized her dreams, “Success Your Way.”

As she anticipates once again traveling to see children and grandchildren who live around the country, scheduling book signings, holding in-person meetings with the Writers Association and continuing to publish and podcast, she continues to try to outpace another challenge: macular degeneration. Her May 5 Facebook post reflects her battle plan.

“This is my new reality. I am more fortunate than most with this condition, macular degeneration. I am still writing, still promoting, still doing what I’ve always done and I thank God for that!” she wrote.

Wiseman’s books are available through her website, Facebook page and various online outlets including Amazon and Barnes & Noble in both print and digital form. Her podcast, available on several platforms, is called “Patty’s Musings” and provides more insight into Wiseman’s wit and matter-of-fact view of her world.