White Christian nationalism is a threat to Christianity. Its message is the exact opposite of Jesus' message.

Jesus teaches us to love our enemies. White Christian nationalists teach us to hate our enemies. Jesus broke down barriers to human unity like gender, race, nation, culture and religion. He worked to bring to Earth the reign of God: an inclusive, global community of love in which there is "no male or female, slave or free, Jew or Greek."

White Christian nationalists build walls and barriers to divide people and demonize the very idea of global community. Jesus tried to wake people up, to help them see the unity of humankind. White Christian nationalists attack those whom Jesus awakened to this truth, mocking them as “woke.” The message of white Christian nationalism is deeply and militantly anti-Christian.

White Christian nationalism, which was an influence in the midterm elections, is also a threat to democracy. Its rigid, hierarchical view of society rejects democratic processes that honor the rights of and are accessible to all people. It prefers an authoritarian social order in which the “worthy” few -- mostly white, Christian men -- run everything.

God save us from white Christian nationalism.

The Rev. Jerry Folk, retired pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and former executive director, Wisconsin Council of Churches

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