The NET Health COVID-19 report from Sept. 7, 2021.

The COVID report released Tuesday by NET Health was called "eye-popping" by an official with the health organization. Here are five things of note from the most recent report.

LARGER IN EVERY WAY: Because of the Labor Day holiday on Monday, this report included an extra day of reports. Where a normal report covers up to 96 hours, this report covered 120 hours. The amount of time, though, doesn't account for the size of the spike in positive cases reported.

FIVE IS THE NUMBER: The most recent report, which covered five days in September, saw the total positive cases in Smith and Gregg counties surpass the total from the five-month period of March through July. These five days also nearly surpassed the entire month of August, which saw its own spike, as well.

BIG NUMBERS: More than half the current, active cases in Smith and Gregg counties are cases that were reported in the past 120 hours. In Smith County, there are 5,686 active cases, of which 3,459 were reported in that five-day window. In Gregg County, there are 3,171 active cases, with 1,864 of those being reported in the most recent window.

ANOTHER HOSPITALIZATION HIGH: For the third time in less than three weeks, another milestone was reached in hospitalizations. There are now 389 positive COVID-19 patients in Tyler hospitals. 

WHAT'S NEXT? The next report will likely include smaller numbers, as it will cover only 48 hours. It will be important to compare the averages in that report to the averages in this report to get a full account of whether we are moving in the right direction.

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