Scenes from Spring Hill's 7-on-7 state qualifying tournament on Saturday at Lear Park.

First responders may very well have saved the life of Robert Robinson Saturday morning at Lear Park.

Robinson, identity confirmed by Spring Hill Athletic Director Kelly Mercer, was officiating a 7-on-7 game in the Spring Hill State Qualifier Tournament between Carthage and Sabine when he went down.

Quickly on the scene to provide aid was Spring Hill assistant coach Travis Buchanan, Spring Hill trainer Katie Billingsea and Stephen Hill, who was at the tournament watching his son play for Carthage.

“I was summoned by one of the Carthage coaches about the official that had passed out. When I get over there on the scene he’s not breathing. Me and another coach (Hill) begin CPR. He does the compressions and I give the mouth to mouth,” said Buchanan.

“He didn’t have a pulse and wasn’t breathing. We got some breaths into him and he started breathing. He aspirated and then we gave him some more breaths. He was just in and out of breathing and not having a pulse. His pulse, when we had it, was very faint.”

Billingsea, who was off working at another field location when she got called, provided the automated external defibrillator, more commonly called an AED.

“Coach Mercer told me they needed me down on the lower field that a ref was having some issues. He’d overheated and needed some water. Well by the time I got there, he had stopped breathing. They had already started compressions,” Billingsea explained.

“I have to give all the dibs to Buchanan and Mr. Hill because they did a great job of getting it going. I had to send one of the Carthage coaches to get my AED. We were able to get him some shocks delivered and restore his pulse when the EMT got there and took over.”

Paramedics took Robinson to a local hospital. Additional details of his condition were not immediately known.