Jefferson’s Dee Black and Hooks’ Mason Vasquez shared overall Most Valuable Player honors with the release of the District 7-3A Division I All-District Football Team for 2019.

Jefferson’s Kylan Thomas was named the league’s offensive MVP. Marquiz Estell of Hooks, Malik Stephens of Mount Vernon and Connor Samples of Atlanta shared defensive MVP honors.

Other superlatives went to Atlanta’s Cade Fant (offensive lineman), Hughes Springs’ Trayvon Kennedy (defensive lineman), Hooks’ Davarious Clark (offensive newcomer), Hooks’ Xzavior Huey (defensive newcomer) and the Hooks coaching staff.

Voting was conducted by the district’s coaches.


Atlanta: Terunte Neal; Hooks: Benji Johnson; Hughes Springs: Collin Cook; Jefferson: Kenneth Bell; Mount Vernon: Jackson Floyd; New Boston: Matt Dunn; Redwater: Matt Williams


Atlanta: Cooper McClure; Hooks: J.J. Johnson; Jefferson; Landon Fuquay; Mount Vernon: Adrian Diaz; New Boston: Eric Choi; Redwater: Garrett Johnson


Jefferson: Justin Rogers, offensive line; Tyler Cherry, defensive line; Christian Shepard, receover; Dimauntrez Haggerty, linebacker; Jacari Mosley, defensive line; Carlos Jackson, Jr., defensive back; Khalil Brasher, linebacker; Hughes Springs: Andrew Gaul, quarterback; Jace Ratley, linebacker; Isaiah Bolden, running back; Patrick Boyd, offensive line; Tyson Daigle, running back; Tanner Byrd, offensive line; Atlanta: Kade Wood, quarterback; J.J. Fields, receiver; De’Korian Parker, linebacker; DeGregory King, end; Hooks: Kevin Buck, offensive line; C.J. Huey, offensive line; Logan Richardson, offensive line; Dawson Adams, offensive line; Matthew Estes, offensive line; Kylie Babgy, linebacker; Kylar Mathews, defensive end; T.J. Rigsby, linebacker; Mount Vernon: Kedris Chandler, defensive back; Adrian Robles, defensive back; Max Rutledge, defensive end; Clifton Holloman, running back; Caydon Coffman, receiver; Boston Morris, defensive end; Quinton Johnson, offensive line; New Boston: Kenon Thompson, fullback; Kyle Atkinson, defensive back; Khode Buchanon, defensive end; Redwater: Noah Fernandez, defensive back; Preston Davis, quarterback


Jefferson: Jordan Friday, defensive line; Caleb Wallace, offensive line; Carson Harper, offensive line; Malik Brasher, receiver; Bryson Johnson, receiver; Augusta Singleton, defensive back; Dameon Warren, linebacker; Hughes Springs: Cameron Johns, defensive back; Cooper Perry, tight end; Milley Lanier, offensive line; Nacoroy Lee, defensive line; Skyler Henderson, offensive line; Hudson Brabham, defensive line; Trent Bolden, running back; Atlanta: Logan Shelton, linebacker; Trey Adams, defensive line; Tyrell King, offensive line; Xavier Coleman, defensive back; Hooks: Jaiden Baird, defensive line; Tra Jones, tight end; David Johnson, defensive back; Matthew Hays, kicker; Miguel Herrera, defensive line; Logan Davis, receiver; Kutter Smith, linebacker; Mount Vernon: Trey Honea, defensive back; Xander Redar, linebacker; Nicolas lary, receiver; Colton Brantley, defensive line; Caden Rogers, offensive line; Jason Olivas, offensive line; Javion Fountain, defensive back; New Boston: Trent Graham, linebacker; Cody Rutherford, defensive line; Angel Recendiz, defensive back; Redwater: Nick Long, defensive back; Nick Fernandez, running back


Jefferson; Dashawn Roberson, defensive end; Alex Romano, defensive end; Carlos Smith, defensive back; Travon Johnson, running back; Keshun Parker, defensive line; Falando Craver, defensive end; Zion Hopes, defensive back; Joshua Davis, linebacker; Hughes Springs: Matthew Zamarrippa, offensive line; James Prince, Jr., defensive line; Andrew Byrd, linebacker; Atlanta: Keith Kinney, running back; Dra Nelson, running back; Caleb Hamilton, running back; Jared Cowgill, offensive line; Clay Fant, offensive line; Jordan Stiger, fullback; James Joslin, offensive line; Hooks: Fernando Duran, defensive line; Mount Vernon: Gunner Fielden, tight end; Tanner Shelton, offensive line; Bradley Walker, offensive line; Colby Lindley, running back; Jose Arnold, defensive back; Daniel Hambert, linebacker; Landon Summers, linebacker; New Boston: Brian Reid, linebacker; Marquiz Frazier, offensive line; Damien Lazano, offensive and defensive line; Redwater: Eathon Knight, offensive line; Nick Parker, offensive line; Trevor Swink, running back; Malcolm Brown, quarterback; Skeet Roberts, linebacker; Silas Cowgill, defensive back; Anthony Martinez, fullback; Easton Minter, offensive line; Thiago Grisalt, kicker; Jawad Hussein, defensive line; John Collier, fullback and defensive line