From Staff Reports

State champion Carthage held dominion on recently released District 10-4A Division I All-District superlatives.

After collecting the school’s seventh state title in just over a decade, Carthage represented well on all selections as voted on by league coaches.

The overall District MVP was Carthage’s multi-talented Kelvontay Dixon, who finished with 74 receptions for 1,240 yards with 20 receiving touchdowns.

The senior Dixon also averaged seven yards per rush and added a couple of rushing touchdowns.

Offensive MVP went to junior Carthage halfback Mason Courtney, while senior teammate Rayvon Ingram took Defensive MVP.

Courtney racked up 1,679 yards on 239 carries with 18 touchdowns. He also hauled in 39 passes for 471 yards and five touchdowns.

Ingram, a key cog on the Carthage defense at linebacker, finished with 117 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, five sacks, two interceptions and one defensive score.

Carthage sophomore wide receiver Braeden Wade shared Offensive Newcomer honors with Chapel Hill freshman Tyson Berry. Kilgore sophomore outside linebacker Davin Rider nabbed the Defensive Newcomer hardware.

Scott Surratt, owner of seven state championship rings for Carthage, was selected the league’s Coach of the Year.



Quarterback: *Kai Horton, Jr., Carthage; Running back: Kevin Fields, Sr., Henderson; Kennieth Lacy, Sr., Kilgore; Jeremiah Davis, Sr., Palestine; Fullback: Brandon McNeely, Sr., Carthage; Tight end: *Montrell Smith, Jr., Carthage; Wide receiver: *Kel Williams, Sr., Carthage; *Brian Brown, Jr., Kilgore; *Javonta Thomas, Jr., Van; *Jyaaron Fuller, Sr., Henderson; Keyjun Thomas, Sr., Chapel Hill; Marquis Thompson, Sr., Palestine; Hunter Hutchins, Sr., Van; Line: *TyKieast Crawford, Sr., Carthage; *Brayden Johnson, Sr., Kilgore; *Trace Tidwell, Sr., Henderson; Tee Kellum, Jr., Carthage; CJ Hicks, Sr., Palestine; Melito Sanchez, Sr., Van; Kicker: *Brennan Phillips, Sr., Carthage

DEFENSELine: *Deundre Blanton, Sr., Kilgore; Desmond Hicks, Sr., Carthage; Kylon Lister, Jr., Carthage; Elvin Calhoun, Jr., Palestine; End: *Quinten Owens, Sr., Carthage; Jakeviyon Tuiel, Sr., Carthage; Kaden Kenny, Jr., Kilgore; Zaquoriance Johnson, Sr., Palestine; Jayden Jacobs, Sr., Van; Inside linebacker: *Brady Odom, Sr., Henderson; *Mauricio Herrera, Jr., Van; Quinton Cook, Sr., Palestine; Adrian Lacy, Sr., Chapel Hill; Outside linebacker: *Mason Bobo, Sr., Carthage; Max Richardson, Jr., Chapel Hill; Tobaius Jackson, So., Henderson; Keshawn Nonette, Sr., Paletine; Safety: *Cole Whitlock, Sr., Carthage; *Jayce McFarland, Sr., Kilgore; Jakobie Bussey, Sr., Henderson; Marcos Orozco, Sr., Van; Cornerback: *Deundrey Bowman, Sr., Carthage; *Donovan Adkins, Jr., Kilgore; JK Lockett, Sr., Palestine; Reeve Hughes, Sr., Van; Punter: Edfrain Valencia, Sr., Chapel Hill; Christian Hutchinson, Palestine; Kick returner: *Anthony Wilson, Sr. Carthage



Quarterback: Jayton Moffatt, Sr., Van; Running back: Tray Epps, Jr., Kilgore; Jaden Thomas, Sr., Carthage; Zion Dunn, Jr., Van; Fullback: Saul Quintanilla, Sr., Henderson; Sam Whit, Sr., Kilgore; Tight end: Dominique Milton, Jr., Palestine; Wide receiver: Tanner Rudd, Sr., Chapel Hill; Bryson Collins, Jr., Henderson; Davondrick Crowe, Sr., Kilgore; Craig McNew, Jr., Carthage; Donovan Adkins, Jr., Kilgore; Line: Connor Davis, Sr., Carthage; Cade Johnson, Sr., Carthage; Karston Williams, Jr., Carthage; Calvin Woodside, Sr., Kilgore; Dewaylon Lewis, Jr., Palestine; Carson McCoy, Sr., Van; Kicker: Chris Baldazo, So., Kilgore


Line: JD Reazin, Jr., Chapel Hill; Eliyjiah Jones, Sr., Trey Williams, Jr., Kilgore; Adrian Cortes, Jr., Van; End: Quanterrius Brown, Sr., Carthage; Keylen Davis, Sr., Chapel Hill; Mason Mumphrey, Jr., Chapel Hill; Inside linebacker: Jai Brager, Sr., Carthage, Carthage; Emilio Herrera, Sr., Van; Brian Brown, Jr., Kilgore; Cameron Spurlock, Sr., Palestine; Outside linebacker: Zack Williams, Sr., Kilgore; Manny Moore, Jr., Van; Safety: Austin Morgan, Jr., Carthage; Javon King, Sr., Carthage; Aresheal Ates, Sr., Chapel Hill; Tayon Huntley, Sr., Palestine; Cornerback: Miles Haltom, Sr., Carthage; Solomon Macfoy, So. Chapel Hill; Pedro Garza, Sr., Henderson; Dalton Smith, Jr., Kilgore; Kick returner: Ty Keyes, Sr., Chapel Hill


Craig McNew, Jr., Carthage; Mason Henderson, Sr., Kilgore; Caleb Medford, Sr., Henderson; Kemon Ross, Jr., Palestine; Brayden Price, Sr., Chapel Hill; Beau Thompson, Sr., Van

SPECIALISTSJonathan Medrano, Jr., Carthage; Cade Pippen, Jr., Kilgore; D’Cameron Walker, Jr., Henderson; Daelan Williams, Jr., Palestine; Emilo Herrera, Sr., Van; Kobe Coker, Sr., Chapel Hill

* Indicates unanimous selection