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TYLER — The Longview High School swim team finished third overall after a third-place finish by the girls and a fourth-place from the boys over the weekend at the Grace Fall Invitational Swim Meet.

Joshko Lipp set a Lobo record in the 100-yard backstroke with a time of 54.07, breaking the previous mark of 55.39 set by Andrew Snell (2002-2003).

On tap next for Longview is the Pineywoods Academy Invitational, set for Thursday in Lufkin.

Whitehouse won the combined team title with 250 points, followed by Tyler Grace (190), Longview (158), Lufkin (140), Mount Pleasant (51), Pineywoods Academy (45), Granbury (29), Hallsville (26), New Diana (18), Weatherford Christian School (17), Brownsboro (13), T.K. Gorman (10), Central Home School (5) and All Saints (3).

Longview’s girls finished with 87 points, trailing Grace (111) and Whitehouse (102). The Lobo boys were fourth with 71 points behind Whitehouse (148), Grace (79) and Lufkin (74).

Girls400 freestyle relay: (Longview) Riley Gonzalez, Paola Colon-Antommarchi, Jenna Shireman, Gracie Ponder, second, 4:26.45

200 medley relay: (Longview) Jenna Shireman, Kaitlyn Stewart, Gracie Ponder, Riley Gonzalez, third, 2:09.90; (Mount Pleasant) Reese Ball, Grelyn Goolsby, Sophie Green, Kate Ball, fourth 2:35.30

200 freestyle: Riley Gonzlez, Longview, third 2:28.06; Maddie McCracken, Longview, fifth 2:54.94; Madyson Melton, Longview, eighth 3:22.23; Ella Ponder, Longview, ninth 3:32.13

200 IM: Paola Colon-Antommarchi, Longview, fifth 2:52.64

50 freestyle: Gracie Ponder, Longview, first 26.52; Sophie Greco, Mount Pleasant, fourth 28.47; Kaitlyn Stewart, Longview, seventh 30.62; Brooklyn Watson, New Diana, ninth 33.04; Grelyn Goolsby, Mount Pleasant, 10th, 33.09; Elle Woods, Longview, 11th 33.77; Kolbie Barrett, Hallsville, 19th 40.11; Madi McNeal, Hallsville, 22nd 46.34

100 butterfly: Riley Gonzalez, Longview, fourth 1:13.44; Paola Colon-Antommarchi, Longview, fifth 1:20.68

100 freestyle: Gracie Ponder, Longview, fourth 1:00.03; Jenna Shireman, Longview, fifth 1:03.02; Reese Ball, mount Pleasant, 13th 1:15.68; Elle Woods, Longview, 14th 1:15.02; Kate Ball, Mount Pleasant, 18th 1:22.21

200 freestyle relay: (Mount Pleasant) Kate Ball, Grelyn Goolsby, Reese Ball, Sophie Greco, third 2:12.24; (Longview) Paola Colon-Antommarchi, Bethany Bledsoe, Elle Woods, Kaitlyn Stewart, fifth 2:14.18

100 backstroke: Sophie Greco, Mount Pleasant, fourth 1:11.44; Jenna Shireman, Longview, fifth 1:11.61; Reese Ball, Mount Pleasant ninth 1:24.56; Kate Ball, Mount Pleasant, 14th 1:39.98; Madyson Melton, Longview, 15th 1:41.95; Kolbie Barrett, Hallsville, 17th 1:50.07; Madi McNeal, Hallsville, 19th 1:53.45

100 breaststroke: Kaitlyn Stewart, Longview, fourth 1:26.78; Brooklyn Watson, New Diana, seventh 1:51.46

Boys200 medley relay: (Longview) Joseph Egbe, Joshko Lipp, Aden Wacasey, Zane Bunn, second 1:53.05; (Mount Pleasant) Elijah Rider, Jack Welborn, Jacob Elliott, Hugo Bernardi, fifth, 2:11.67

200 freestyle: Kaden Sims, New Diana, first 1:53.94

200 IM: Joshko Lipp, Longview, second 2:0034; Aden Wacasey, Longview, fourth 2:37.64

50 freestyle: Cameron Upchurch, Hallsville, second 22.96; Zane Bunn, Longview, third 24.40; Jacob Alliott, Mount Pleasant, sixth 25.70; Jack Welborn, Mount Pleasant, eighth 25.78; Randy Sullens, Hallsville, 22nd 30.12; Diego Garcia, Longview, 24th 31.96; Hugo Bernardi, Mount Pleasant, 28th 33.72; Landon Weaver, Mount Pleasant Chapel Hill, 37th 46.08

100 butterfly: Ubaldo Ayala, Hallsville, first 59.46; Joseph Egbe, Longview, third 1:09.34; Aden Wacasey, Longview, fourth 1:09.66

100 freestyle: Kaden Sims, New Diana, second 50.64; Zane Bunn, Longview, fourth 56.13; Elijah Rider, Mount Pleasant, 15 1:09.45; Diego Garcia, Longview, 17th 1:12.43; Hugo Bernardi, Mount Pleasant 1:18.76

500 freestyle: Ubaldo Ayala, Hallsville, fifth 7:03.48

200 freestyle relay: (Longview) Joshko Lipp, Aden Wacasey, Joseph Egbe, Zane Bunn, third, 1:39.25; (Mount Pleasant) Elijah Rider, Hugo Bernardi, Jack Welborn, Jacob Elliott, sixth 1:55.44

100 backstroke: Joshko Lipp, Longview, first 54.07; Cameron Upchurch, Hallsville, third 58.82; Joseph Egbe, Longview, seventh 1:12.34; Elijah Rider, Mount Pleasant, 12th 1:24.27; Landon Weaver, MPCH, 15th 1:59.85

100 breaststroke: Jack Welborn, Mount Pleasant, eighth 1:19.41; Randy Sullens, Hallsville, 15th 1:35.16

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