Fantasy Football giveth and taketh away. For every Cooper Kupp level of disaster, there is a graceful resurgence like that of Jared Cook, who in the last two weeks has looked like his old self and reasserted himself back into the TE1 conversation with very solid 10 rec, 132 yards, and 2 TDs.

Though, for every Baltimore Ravens season, it seems like there is a Los Angeles Rams season where it seems like everything is falling apart over there on Sunset Boulevard.

To put it simply, the offense for the Rams has been sputtering. Yes, Jared Goff is currently 4th in the NFL in passing yards, but is also 4th in interceptions, behind only Jameis Winston, Philip Rivers and Baker Mayfield. Goff’s 10 fumbles this season don’t help either. That said, Goff is not the only issue. Los Angeles has not committed to the run game.

Last year, Sean McVay looked like a genius for running a lot of play action well. It paid dividends as last year were third in rushing offense last year, but now they sit at 24th and really have not answered a lot of questions.

In last week’s game against the Ravens, Todd Gurley had just six carries and the Rams had just 9 carries overall.

What happened to the Gurley that carried the load last season? Gurley has had more than 20 carries just once this season and has yet to have a 100 yard rushing game.

The Rams of old were efficient. This year, Jared Goff looks like his backup Blake Bortles, only with a $100 million contract.

I would say for now that the Rams can not be trusted to contribute a lot to your team as we get ready to begin fantasy playoffs.

Sidenote: I would like to formally apologize to Lamar Jackson. I said earlier this season that he would not throw for 5 TDs again, but he proved me wrong like he has many other people. Here’s to hoping he continues to have a legendary season.

To Start

Mark Ingram, Baltimore: Though Ingram has been leaching carries to Jackson, he has still been very productive and getting plenty of yards and touchdowns. Though I do not believe that Ingram will have Chyistian McCaffrey like numbers,but Ingram will still be a safe bet from here on out.

Matt Ryan, Atlanta: Even though the Falcons have looked nothing like their counterparts that went to the Super Bowl two years ago, the old veteran gunslinger has been very productive this season and I have faith that Matty Ice will show up on Thanksgiving.

Nick Foles, Jacksonville: The Jaguars have been odd balls this year with plenty of ups and downs, but their opponents, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been known to bleed passing yards, meaning that Nick Foles will be looking good on Sunday. Also, add DJ Chark into this line of thinking.

To Bench

Amari Cooper, Dallas: Cooper has been inconsistent this year and was completely shut out by the Patriots last week. Against a Bills defense that has been playing solid, Cooper will either have less than 5 points or have more than 30.

San Francisco, D/ST: This week the 49ers get the pleasure of facing off against the Ravens in Baltimore. There is no doubt in my mind that the Ravens offense will run rampant and the only way the 49ers will win is if they can out score the Ravens. No matter what, it’s still going to be a really rough week for the 49ers.

Deshaun Watson, Houston: In the middle of a tough 3-game stretch, Watson will have the honor of playing against a suffocating Patriots defense that has made every quarterback not named Lamar Jackson look like a backup.

Parker Ward is a copy editor/page designer for the Longview News-Journal. Email: