Lobo Football

Coach John King watches over his team during the first day of spring football drills on April 26 at Longview High School.

Longview’s football program has been working hard over the past month and is ready to show off its progress at Monday’s Green and White Game at Lobo Stadium.

“I want to have a good, intense scrimmage, but we need to protect one another and get out of it healthy,” said Longview head football coach John King. “Make sure we execute properly, our alignments are good, we don’t have penalties, we don’t make mistakes, no turnovers, defensively you don’t want to give up explosive plays, and you hope that what kicking game you do use you get good execution from the snaps to the holds to the kicks and protections. You don’t want it to be a walkthrough and a lackluster performance. I want them to play with some enthusiasm.”

The varsity scrimmage is scheduled for 5 p.m. and will launch a full night of events. It will be followed by a 2020 football team recognition ceremony that will feature team and scholastic awards and scholarships. And the JV scrimmage will begin around 6:15 p.m.

“Monday night’s going to serve more than one purpose,” said King. “We’re going to showcase the 2021 Lobos and pay tribute to our 2020 football team. After last spring, I think we’re all thankful to have football again and thankful to have an opportunity to practice and play the game that all of us love.”

Longview has been preparing since its spring football practices began in April and is finding its 2021 form at the right time.

“They look better,” King said of his team. “We’ve had a very physical spring practice and they’ve answered the bell every day. I told them how pleased I was with it being week three, the enthusiasm we practice with, the intensity, and how well they execute.”

“I think our kids understand the sense of urgency and what it takes to build this football team,” he continued. “I have been pleased with the effort. I’m not going to say I’ve always been pleased with the execution, but that’s what practice is for.”

King has been impressed with the growth of a lot of players this spring. Some of those are found at linebacker, so it’s definitely a position to watch on Monday.

“Somebody that’s shown up every day at practice and does it with a smile on his face has been Jeremiah Braggs at linebacker,” said King. “A kid we moved from safety to linebacker. We were looking for some depth at linebacker and I think we found that guy loves football. Kaden Brooks has performed well at linebacker as well and I’m not taking anything away from Devean Isaac. He’s done exactly what I expected him to do. Those two younger ones have really grown up.”

The team has stayed on track for the fall season because Longview players like them have bought in from the first day of spring and have developed along the way.

“We’re taking steps in the right direction,” said King. “We are ahead of where we started. A little more continuity. We had a few moving parts we had to get in the right place. Move some guys from one side of the ball to the other. As far as understanding schemes, there’s fewer and fewer mistakes made on a normal day. They’ve come a long way.”

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