The Greater Longview Chapter of Delta Waterfowl will host its annual Dennis Blevins Memorial Youth Day starting at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday at Prairie Creek Ranch.

For anyone that has a kid interested in hunting, fishing or anything outdoors, this event is a must.

The name of the event says it all. Its all about the “Youth.”

This event is an excellent opportunity for a parent that may not have any experience with outdoor activities to introduce their kids in a safe, controlled environment. All parents or grandparents, single parents, the neighbor kids or any child that wants to learn about the outdoor experience ... bring them.

This event has always been a favorite of East Texas. Delta members started this event back in the early 2000’s. Dennis Blevins was instrumental in growing the chapter and especially the youth day.

After 11 years of growth and success, Blevins passed away, and as a tribute to his tireless work and dedication to East Texas youth, Delta renamed the event in his honor. Delta has carried on the tradition and mantra of Delta and Blevins, “Raising ducks and duck hunters.”

Many times parents are on a strict budget and may not be able to work in the cost of an outdoor adventure or experience some of the things at the youth day. Cost is not a consideration of the event as everything is free. Food, shooting, shells, demonstrations and exhibits are all free.

If free was not mentioned enough in the previous sentence, let me stress that everything is free.

Just make it to Prairie Creek Ranch and the afternoon and activities are on Delta Waterfowl. Anyone from age 3-17 is welcome, but will need to bring an adult.

Some of the activities that will be at the youth day will include the following:

A retriever training exhibition that participants will be able to watch and learn how to train dogs on everything from basic commands to care and grooming of your retriever.

One popular segment is the duck calling training. I would like to point out how cool it is to see and hear dozens of kids running around blowing on their duck calls.

Firearm safety is another big part of the event complete with certified instructors on hand to insure safe handling and shooting practices. Of course there will be food and drinks served for everyone as well as shirts, hats and the aforementioned duck calls.

A bouncy house will even be there for the younger kids that may need a break. There will be prizes and lots of extras for the entire family to enjoy.

For directions go to For more information contact Dan Flournoy at (903) 387-0858 or Julio Arriola at (903) 399-2900. You can also go to Longview Delta Waterfowl’s Facebook page.