All Texas hunting and fishing license will expire Aug. 31, with the exception of “year to date” fishing license, but license for the 2019-2020 seasons will be available for purchase today.

There are multiple ways to purchase your new license and there is no need to wait in line to purchase yours. In the not too distant past, license were only available at retailers. This put a damper on an instant need for new paperwork.

Texans purchase over 2.4 million hunting and fishing license each year and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has really done a great job on making new license purchasing easy and fast.

License are available online 24/7, by phone (800-895-4248) from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Of course retailers will have the new license available at over 1,700 locations all over the state.

There are 28 TP&W law enforcement field offices, and all offer new license.

Finally new license are sold at over 50 state parks also all across the state.

There is also a new “expedited checkout.” This process will begin on Sept. 1. Purchasers will be able buy the same license/packages they had bought the previous three seasons. This will speed up the process tremendously.

Another TP&W innovation allows hunters or anglers to show proof of license. Now an electronic image of the license will be approved for proof of license. Also accepted as proof will include an emailed receipt or via your account within the license point-of-sale system.

Hunters/anglers still must have the physical license for any activities requiring tags and the physical federal duck stamp for waterfowl hunting. License buyers will also enjoy a new, more mobile-friendly online system when purchasing on their phone. There is a $5 administrative fee for all phone and online transactions.

This fee is per transaction but unlimited items can be purchased during the transaction.

Also available are several drawings the TP&W has annually. Big Time Hunt chances can be purchased for drawings for multiple different hunt packages. Also available is a drawing for a lifetime hunting or fishing license. Purchasers can buy chances at this package for $5 each.

Three lifetime Super Combo license will be given away. There is also an option for purchasers to donate to foundations such as Hunters for the Hungry or the Veterans Assistance Fund. This is a great way to give to Texas families in need and help veterans.

There a few more changes so be sure and check out the TP&W website for details and changes. Go to the main page at