Even though many are not working during this mess we are in, this weekend is still a holiday. Memorial Day is an important holiday for us to pay due respect and honor the men and women that died while serving in the American armed forces.

These heroes paid the ultimate price and we should never forget them and honor them in some way.

Many families celebrate by visiting cemeteries, parades or other memorials. A backyard Bar-B-Q is involved in many of these celebrations and for a large percentage of East Texas a lake or river trip is the centerpiece of the holiday weekend.

There is good news for these families, the fishing is excellent right now and a fish fry should be on the agenda.

Crappie fishing on area lakes is as good as it gets. Reports coming in from Lake Fork, Sam Rayburn and Lake O’ the Pines are delivering heavy limits for three and four anglers.

We are talking 75 to 100 slabs and these fish a specifically designed for Memorial Day fish fries. The reports for the best results on Fork were in timber at 20-30 feet of water. The fish were suspended in the 12-18 feet level. There were fish at different depths but the 6 foot section held the majority. I did not see any reports from the bridges on Fork but the bridge pattern during this time of year is usually pretty steady.

Big Sam is also well known for producing crappie from bridges. The 147 bridge pumps out some awesome catches.

For the river folks, catfishing is still on fire. I got a report for the Caddo Lake State Park area last week that had 107 pounds of catfish for the weekend. This awesome catch had three Flatheads anchoring the string that totaled over 40 pounds. Live bait on trot lines and throw lines did the trick for this group of campers. Remember when gathering live bait to set your trap. in the same water body you intend to fish. Bream and small Bullheads are dynamite for big blues and flatheads.

If the water is rising, get on the river. If the river is falling stick with the lake.

Bream reports are good everywhere I checked. Lake Fork is putting out hand sized Bluegills hot and heavy. A little hunting and checking should put a heavy basket in the boat within a few hours. Kids will enjoy the bream bite more so that the others. The bream beds can keep the kids attention and the action is usually fast and furious.

Any lake in East Texas is a good place to celebrate this weekend with a little fishing excursion. The ones mentioned are just a few of what our area has to offer.

Pack the sunscreen and practice safe boating and Happy Memorial Day!