Summer has arrived in East Texas.

We haven’t had a long stretch of triple digit days yet, but I for one am not complaining. Bass fishing this time of year is awesome but the heat can definitely put a damper on the fun level. Many bass anglers will fish the first few hours of daylight, retire to the shade and perhaps an afternoon siesta. Late in the afternoon, they will head back out and take advantage of the low light period around dusk.

This is a great way to beat the heat and enjoy some excellent fishing as well, but there is another group of anglers that prefer the night shift. Arriving at the lake around dusk and fishing until daylight to enjoy an evening on the lake.

These night anglers have several advantages besides the obvious stifling temperatures. Pleasure boats and personal watercraft will be absent at night. This will free up many options for the bass angler without the worry of skiers or party barges cruising through the preferred fishing area. Another advantage is the lack of other anglers.

Typically boat traffic goes to near zero after dark. This obviously leaves more fishing room for the night angler.

Baits for night fishing are the same as daytime fishing. A few basic baits I stick with are tried and true and with a little experimenting zeroing in on the best bait on a given night will be simple.

The Texas rigged worm is hard to beat. Some night anglers add scents or rattles to their bait to add to the attraction. My belief is “if you think it helps, use it” I personally use Berkely Power baits for my soft plastics at night but I also use them during the daylight.

Another great bait is the single Colorado blade spinnerbait. A ½ to ¾ ounce is a good choice and keeps the bait down in deeper applications. The single blade has a strong, thumping vibration which the bass seem to prefer. Slow rolling a big blade along a deep point at night has the capability of producing some giant bass.

Lastly a surface lure can produce awesome strings and the sound of a big largemouth blasting a bait at night will give you chills. A buzzbait will be on one or more of my rods on any night trip. A newer bait that fits this category is the Whopper Plopper. A slow to medium retrieve in the shallows with either of these baits will make a believer out of the night shift.

Use stout equipment. Heavy gear with heavy line will come in handy once the sun goes down. Dark colors such as black or black/blue or black/red are all that is needed.

This weekend the moon will be about 90% full which will make the navigation and maneuvering much easier for the boater. Keeps your lights on at all times and good luck.