Longview High School and Marshall High School will renew their football rivalry for the 111th time at Longview’s Lobo Stadium on Friday night. Starting this week, fans will have a chance to own rare footage from the 1942 meeting.

On Monday afternoon, David Cotham hosted an event at the Longview ISD Athletic Office Green Room to talk about how the video came to be and all the work that went into identifying legendary figures like Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Marshall High School and LSU football player Y. A. Tittle, Longview football alum turned NFL champion Forrest “Chubby” Grigg, and former Longview state championship-winning head football coach Pete Shotwell.

The first half of the 1942 game was shown to everyone who attended on Monday.

Ken Raney Sr. played for Longview during the 1942 game against Marshall. One of his teammates was Robert Crowley, who initially found the game film on an eight-millimeter film in a tin can at the old Lobo Stadium press box. Crowley attended the funeral of another teammate and gave Ken Raney Jr. a copy at the reception in January 2014.

Raney Jr., who was unable to attend Monday’s event, wanted to give David Cotham a copy of the video because Cotham’s son Jeremy had done a lot of research for the Longview football history book known as “Friday Night Howl” before he died from leukemia.

Marshall News Messenger sports editor Nathan Hague studied the film with David and directed him to the Marshall library website for archives. Ultimately, they confirmed that it included rare high school footage of Tittle, Grigg and Shotwell.

“This film of Y. A. Tittle in high school, we have found a very historical find for high school football fans,” said David Cotham. “We need to share it with LSU, where he went to college. And we need to share it with the NFL, where he was a hall of fame quarterback. We were very excited to have found this film.”

“I would like to challenge all the high school football fans out there to look through your attics and find historical films,” said Cotham. “This film was brought to Ken Raney at a funeral from one of his teammates to honor his father. It just turns out doing research that somebody named Y. A. Tittle was actually playing in this game. They did not know what they had.”

Copies of the 1942 game film (on DVD) will be sold for $20 and will benefit the Longview and Marshall communities. Fans may purchase it at Friday’s game at Lobo Stadium and also at the Lobo Store on the LISD campus.

“The Raney family that brought me this film wanted it to be available to the Longview and Marshall booster clubs as a fundraiser,” said Cotham. “Non-profit organizations need that and we want to share it with both.”

“I hope that they have great pride,” Cotham said of Longview and Marshall residents when they get their hands on the tape for the first time. “Football runs deep in East Texas. There have been a lot of great players. Some of the younger people don’t know some of the old stars. Y. A. Tittle is very important historically to this area. [This video] will continue his legacy, will honor him, and bring attention to high school football in East Texas.”

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