Twenty something years ago, the Texas Parks and Wildlife implemented the Big Time Hunts program.

Hunters can purchase “chances” at different types of hunts all over the state. For as little as $9 a hunter or group of hunters can win the opportunity to hunt big game, waterfowl, exotics and a wide variety of other game. These trips would cost thousands of dollars ordinarily and very few could afford it.

An added bonus to these trips is the locations they are held. The hunts will take place on both private land and state wildlife management areas. The private ranches are some of the best in the world for whitetail, Mule deer and exotics. World class hunting opportunities for just a few bucks and the proceeds go to fund special TP&W projects.

A win/win for everyone involved.

The special projects are useful to hunters and actually benefit the resources and is essentially a self-sustaining fund. The TP&W surveys the desert bighorn population and some of the proceeds go to funding the research using helicopters. The rugged and vast terrain of West Texas is home to a growing herd of these sheep and this research is helping grow their population.

Food plots are another project that receives some funding as well as feral hog traps, native grass reseeding and many other improvements to our great state’s hunting resources.

Hunters can choose from many different hunts with a few listed below. The Texas Grand Slam hunt is actually four hunts for the price of one. Hunters winning this package will go on a trophy hunt for desert big horn, a pronghorn antelope, a desert mule deer and a trophy whitetail.

There is an alligator hunt, feral hog hunt in the south Texas brush country and a waterfowl hunt. The waterfowl hunts are set up for the rice fields for geese and a 7,500-acre Trinity River ranch for Mallards and Wood Ducks in flooded timber. The exotic hunts are also really cool. A Nilgai safari also in south Texas looks exciting.

These antelopes were introduced to Texas in the 1920’s from India and I’ve read that we now have more Nilgai in Texas than India does (no data to back this up) but it does make for a good Texas story.

Applying online is simple and easy with an unlimited amount of entries. Go to the link below and check it out. This would make an outstanding gift idea and there are so many choices.

As mentioned earlier some of the hunts are for multiple hunters so winners can enjoy the hunts with family or close friends.