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Mascot: Tigers

Coach: Greg Jenkins (1st year, 0-0 at Tenaha, 22-13 overall)

2017 results: 15-1

Returning letterman/starters: 17/8

Lettermen lost: 15

Offense: Spread

Offensive notables: RB Jay Lloyd, Sr., 6-1, 180… OL Nictavian Calloway, Sr., 6-1, 325… WR Eric Smith, Jr., 6-4, 175… QB Hayden Jenkins, Jr., 6-3, 175… WR Eric Smith, Jr., 6-4, 175…

Defense: Multiple

Defensive notables: DL Jaurmez Brock, Sr., 6-3, 255… LB Dylan Colloway, So.,

2018 outlook: The Tigers were hit hard by graduation as they lost 18 seniors from last year. Expectations for running back Jay Lloyd are for him to become the next great player for Tenaha. The school’s first-year head coach said his back is, a “hard-nosed kid that seeks contact.” With him leading the way, the Tigers should have a solid season.


Mascot: Bulldogs

Coach: Larry Prince (3rd season, 13-11 at Garrison, 40-78 overall)

2017 results: 7-6

Returning letterman/starters: 18/12

Lettermen lost: 9

Offense: Spread

Offensive notables: RB Sabastion Porter, Jr., 5-10, 180… QB Drew Wise, Sr., 5-9, 150… OL Adam Renfro, Sr., 6-3, 285… WR Austin Colle, Sr., 5-7, 145… WR Gray Hancock, Sr., 6-1, 160… RB Cam Shepherd, Sr., 5-10, 170

Defense: 4-3

Defensive notables: DL Wyatt Reneau, Sr., 6-1, 245… LB Chance Rodriguez, 6-0, 215… DB Justin Malnar, So., 6-3, 160… DL Jasques Dove, Sr., 6-0, 270… LB Blake Greer, Sr., 6-0, 155… DB Kane Key, Sr., 6-0, 160… DB Garrett Powell, 6-0, 165

2018 outlook: The running game should be solid with Sabastion Porter taking the bulk of the carries while defensive lineman Wyatt Reneau battles in the trenches on the defensive side of the ball. Head coach Larry Prince is confident 2018 will be a better year due to better team chemistry.


Mascot: Bears

Coach: Kerry Therwhanger (3rd season, 16-8 at Timpson, 1118-59 overall)

2017 results: 11-3

Returning letterman/starters: 10/12

Lettermen lost: 10

Offense: Spread option

Offensive notables: RB Jordan Osby, Sr., 6-0, 185… QB Jon Grogan, Sr., 6-2, 160… OL Jarrett Page, Jr., 5-9, 195… WR Cam Berry, Sr., 5-10

Defense: 3-4

Defensive notables: DL Nictaeo Scourton, Sr., 5-10, 295… LB Earl Shelton, Jr., 5-4, 155… DL Shane Peveto… DT Ray Golden, Sr., 6-3, 255

2018 outlook: The Bears should have a solid defense as several returners will be back from 2017 when they went 11-3. Depth is certainly no problem in the backfield as they’ll have their options for quarterback and running back, including an all-state running back in Jordan Osby.


Mascot: Bearcats

Coach: Mike Bickham (3rd year, 11-9 at Beckville, 74-41 overall)

2017 results: 5-5

Returning letterman/starters: 19/13

Lettermen lost: 10

Offense: Pistol/Spread

Offensive notables: WR Austin Roys, Sr., 5-8, 160… QB Morey Morrison, Sr., 5-9, 175… RB J.D. Prince, Sr., 5-7, 160… WR Nate Marry, So., 5-6, 145… OL Christian Perez, Sr., 5-10, 234

Defense: 3-4

Defensive notables: DB Stephen Darden, Sr., 5-10, 170… DL C.J. Robinson, Sr., 6-0, 250… DE Cooper Morris, Sr., 5-11, 200… DL Jashon Adams, Jr., 6-0, 295… DB Marc McGuire, Sr., 5-9, 155

2018 outlook: The Bearcats dropped down a classification but are in what might be the toughest 2A district in the state. They’ll be led by a solid offensive line and the same receiving squad from a year ago. A solid defensive squad also returns.


Mascot: Rams

Coach: Wade Lawson (4th year, 20-12 at Joaquin, 20-12 overall)

2017 results: 8-3

Returning letterman/starters: 14/12

Lettermen lost: 11

Offense: Slot-T

Offensive notables: RB Hunter Gates, Sr., 5-9, 145… QB Trenton Ramsey, Sr., 5-6, 135… RB Tre Burns, Sr., 5-9, 185… OL Blake Cummings, So., 6-4, 300… FB Joseph Tarver, 5-3, 135… OL Jake Lilly

Defense: 4-2-5

Defensive notables: FS Connor Bragg, Jr., 5-10, 150… DL Jesus Bravo, Jr., 5-8, 175… DB Boogie Lane, Jr., 6-1, 185… LB Ian Shahan, Jr., 5-7, 180… DE P.J. Salone, DB Juan Castillo… DT Trace Windham… DE Ryland Miller…

2018 outlook: Head coach Wade Lawson believes his team will be stronger in 2018 than it was in 2017 due to “great work ethic and chemistry,” adding this year’s group is the strongest and fastest he’s had at Joaquin.


Mascot: Wildcats

Coach: Terry Ward (4th season, 9-23 at Harleton, 74-35 overall)

2017 results: 1-9

Returning letterman/starters: 22/15

Lettermen lost: 6

Offense: Flexbone

Offensive notables: RB Hunter Wallace, Jr., 5-10, 190… QB Garrett Handlin, Sr., 5-10, 170… WR Cooper Ward, Jr., 6-0, 170

Defense: 4-2-5

Defensive notables: DL Sebastian Schenk, Sr., 5-10, 200… LB Cagan Slone, Sr., 5-8, 180… DL Brady King, Jr., 5-11, 205… DL Beau Simmons

2018 outlook: Head coach Terry Ward believes his team will be stronger due to the fact that several underclassmen saw action in 2017 to give them experience for 2018. Although the Wildcats dropped a classification, Ward doesn’t expect it to be much easier as he believes it’s the best toughest 2A district in Texas.


Mascot: Tigers

Coach: Derek Simmons (12-9 at Linden-Kildare, 29-52 overall)

2017 results: 8-3

Returning letterman/starters: 14/16

Lettermen lost: 7

Offense: Spread

Offensive notables: RB LaDavion Johnson, Jr., 5-6, 145… QB Jacob Owen, Sr., 5-11, 180… OL Nic Kunz, Jr., 6-0, 195… WR Dalton Alford…

Defense: 4-3

Defensive notables: LB Ty Patterson, Sr., 6-1, 180… LB Dradon Delese, Sr., 5-9, 205… LB Nate Holloway, Jr., 5-8, 165… DE Landon Liles, So., SS Deuce Schuler… DL Caleb Cunningham

2018 outlook: The Tigers are on the bubble in many preseason picks when it comes to whether or not they’ll be back in the playoffs. Running back LaDavion Johnson rushed for 1,988 yards and 28 touchdowns and he’ll force opposing defenses to game plan around him. Linebacker Ty Patterson is back after a year of 200 tackles, 23 tackles for a loss, 10 forced fumbles, five fumble recoveries and two interceptions and will be a nightmare for opposing offenses.

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