If it crawls, slithers, hisses or jumps, chances are it will be at the H.E.R.P.S. East Texas Exotic Reptile and Pet Show this weekend at the Longview Exhibit Building.

Be kind. Just be kind. Did you get that? BE KIND! Mr. Rogers said it, your kindergarten teacher said it, your mother and father said it (as you were in the middle of a sibling squabble).

To braise or not to braise, that is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the kitchen to prepare vegetables with low heat and little moisture, or to use another technique from one’s culinary bag of tricks, and, with a scorching pan or rapid boil, cook them?

Blood donors needed: The Carter BloodCare Donor Center, 3080 N. Eastman Road, Suite 112, in Longview, has been remodeled to better serve donors’ social distancing needs. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and Friday; 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday; and 9:30 a.m. to …

Director Doug Liman was on a call with screenwriter Steven Knight and producer PJ van Sandwijk in July when they started wondering what it would be like to make a movie about the current moment IN the current moment.

Silver Paws, a nonprofit agency that provides healing through animal-assisted activity and therapy programs, is seeking volunteers to help at our facility as a greeter, program assistants and fundraisers and event assistance. We are always looking for new therapy animal teams who are ready t…

Kaylin Portillo Chavez and her boyfriend, Cameron Ervin, started planning in June of 2019 for the occasion that would follow a year later: their college graduations and five-year anniversary.

House of Hope, 3011 W. Marshall Ave., Longview, needs butter, beef, fish fillets, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, variety of dry cereal. For information, call (903) 295-0904.

Dear Neil: I need help preparing my raised bed gardens’ soil. Each January when I rototill I have to break it open with a pick, then rent a mid-sized tiller to loosen it enough to mix in a purchased blend of composted topsoil, manure compost, red sand and aged sawdust. I also add a yard of m…

ALLENTOWN, Pa. — Sometimes, the consolation needed during someone’s most difficult time — the death of a loved one — can come simply from petting a dog.

QUESTION: A friend of mine whose son works for Lindale ISD said the school district received COVID vaccines and he was vaccinated. Does this fall into the guidelines of the people who are supposed to be receiving vaccines in the first tier? I thought it was just first responders and people o…

PITTSBURGH — Before Jerry Falwell, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, Joel Osteen, Archbishop Fulton Sheen and famous radio evangelists such as Father Charles Coughlin and Aimee Semple McPherson, there was Edwin Van Etten.

ROME — Pope Francis changed church law Monday to explicitly allow women to do more things during Mass, granting them access to the most sacred place on the altar, while continuing to affirm that they cannot be priests.

I, like many Americans, watched in horror as the Capitol of the United States of America, the seat of American democracy, was overrun by rioters last week.

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QUESTION: Considering the pandemic, will there still be tax help available through AARP and the Greater Longview United Way this year?

Just as everything is somewhere (when I lose my keys, phone, glasses), I try to remind myself that probably none of these has vanished into thin air, so are we all somewhere in our journeys.

When you think about traveling somewhere in the United States, you go prepared knowing the sports team, the signature dishes, and the cultural and historical landmarks. If you’re really thorough, you toss in a regional slang word or two. But the distinct charms of cities and entire states ca…

Count me among the people who pat themselves on the back when they carefully pack away food in the freezer, knowing there’s something to cook and eat in the future. That, my friends, is only half the battle. Of course, there’s the whole issue of remembering what’s actually in there (I’ve bee…

How exciting to think of a full-size tree locked up within each seed still clinging to the branches of sugar maples, hornbeams, oaks, sycamores and other trees at the end of summer.