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QUESTION: A friend of mine whose son works for Lindale ISD said the school district received COVID vaccines and he was vaccinated. Does this fall into the guidelines of the people who are supposed to be receiving vaccines in the first tier? I thought it was just first responders and people o…

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QUESTION: Considering the pandemic, will there still be tax help available through AARP and the Greater Longview United Way this year?

QUESTION: I currently live in an apartment community in north Longview. I and other people living in the complex have had some run-ins with foxes that live in the woods near our community. One barked at me once, and another ran at me when I was walking my dog. Is there something that can be done about this?

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QUESTION: When I looked online, I saw that the Wichita, Tawakoni, Kitsai and Caddo Indians had once settled in the East Texas area. There was no mention of the Cherokee Indians. I know that there are lakes named after regional Indian tribes. Why was the name Cherokee selected for Lake Cherokee? Who named it?

QUESTION: Although I find their timing very suspect considering the soon-to-arrive Sparklight network, after seeing the Longview Cable full page ad in the Sunday paper touting the upcoming plans to make Longview a “Gig City” in 2021 — can you find out what the price to the consumer will be t…

QUESTION: In March, there was a story about a Marion County man who was arrested in Florida because he was wanted in connection with a murder here in Texas. My question is, how are people transferred around the United States when they're wanted for court action such as this?

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Editor’s note: Answer Line was on assignment this week. Look for new questions and answers next week. In the meantime, enjoy this best-of column from Q&A’s from 2014:

ANSWER LINE NOTE: I have made some of the sweetest friends over the years through Answer Line. Some of you I never get to meet, so I’m so happy that in January 2019 I got to meet faithful Answer Line reader Carole Chapel.

ANSWER LINE NOTE: Answer Line has asked Pine Tree, Hallsville, Spring and Longview ISDs to respond to a question about air ventilation and circulation and other steps the campuses are taking to help control the spread of COVID-19. Pine Tree has responded so far this week. I hope to hear from…

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QUESTION: Is it true that parallel parking is still part of the required driving test? I heard that it was, but I’m not sure I believe that it is.

A GRIPE FROM A READER: Although you do a great job answering questions in a thorough manner, you should avoid publishing advice such as wearing of masks as in your Saturday byline. There are studies claiming a mask prevents COVID-19 but there are also several studies that found masks do not …

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QUESTION: I have possibly missed a Business Beat or Answer Line column. My bad. I was on the loop for the first time in months. What happened to Casa Ole? The sign now says Don Benito’s.

QUESTION: What moved into what was originally the Neighbors freestanding emergency room at Gilmer Road and Loop 281?

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QUESTION: The (COVID-19) vaccine is supposed to be stored at 90 degrees below zero. Does East Texas have the facilities to handle this vaccine? If not, will we have to travel to get the vaccine?

Happy Thanksgiving. It’s an Answer Line tradition to take a break today from our usual questions and wish you a day filled with the best pecan pie, cranberry sauce, mac and cheese and smoked turkey there is. May all your rolls be soft and buttery today.

QUESTION: On Oct. 20, 1976, I went to see the Carpenters at Longview high school auditorium. This was a very big deal, and I was curious to know how it came to be that they picked Longview and who arranged this concert to happen. Did the Carpenters stay overnight in Longview? Who from Longvi…

QUESTION: I recently participated in a COVID antibodies study conducted by UT Health Science Center Houston. My results showed I am positive for the antibodies. I was very sick the first week of February 2020 before the coronavirus was a “thing” and did not have a lab-confirmed positive case…

QUESTION: My question is a complaint: I’m complaining about the cars and trucks and motorcycles with large mufflers that roar up and down the roads at all hours of the night. Is there a city ordinance against that?

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Editor’s note: Answer Line was on assignment this week. Look for new questions and answers next week. In the meantime, enjoy this best-of Q&A from 2015:

QUESTION: Probably by the time you get this, the election will be over, but when I see political ads that are negative against a politician, can the one it is talking about file a lawsuit against the opponent who is putting out the ad?

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QUESTION: Is there any place or website where Gregg County residents can check to see if their mail-in ballots were received? I have read that some people can.

QUESTION: Six months ago or so ago, I remember reading in the newspaper where they were considering making a quiet zone at the Industrial Boulevard railroad crossing where Highway 80 intersects that road. Did anything come of that?

QUESTION: I just finished reading the story about the Tyler company using bottle caps from Hawaii to make oil. What a great idea, but why can’t that be incorporated right here in East Texas? There are certainly enough bottle caps to do that.

QUESTION: Are food trucks still allowed in neighborhoods? Is the city of Longview still under a disaster declaration that allowed food trucks in neighborhoods as was reported on March 28? Who do I contact if the food truck is not following the rules for neighborhoods as explained in the Marc…

QUESTION: There is an old, unused fire station on Mobberly Avenue near where Young Street crosses. I have read in the newspaper that it is of historical significance. The most recent news article was about the removal of the pole that allowed rapid decent from the living quarters that are up…

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QUESTION: I’ve noticed some of the “dashboards” of COVID-19 information show significantly higher death numbers than what is being reported by the regional health authority, North East Texas Public Health Authority, for Gregg County, including the state’s dashboard and the University of Texa…

QUESTION: I recently received a jury summons from Gregg County. My issue is the way they are returned to the county. The summons has our phone numbers, addresses, work information and our driver's license numbers. It is not sealed.

QUESTION: Back in the ‘50s, I know there was a black dentist who had an office here, if you’re going south on Green Street, just south of the railroad track, named Dr. Brown. I don’t know what his first name was, but I do know he was here in the mid- to early ‘50s. I was trying to find out f…

ANSWER LINE NOTE: Answer Line has received a number of questions about early voting. I’ll start answering some today, but I bet this is a topic that will be around for a while.

ANSWER LINE NOTE: I took a day off a week ago, and my friends in the newsroom picked some past questions to appear in my usual column space. I am thankful to the reader who called in to point out that the information about timber rattlers being on the “threatened” list was no longer accurate.

QUESTION: Can you find out why Longview Baptist Temple changed its name to Emmanuel? Curious if there was a split, a change in management, or just a re-branding. Also, do they still load buses with kids and send them into neighborhoods to knock doors?

QUESTION: Has the police department of East Mountain risen from the ashes much like the phoenix? I’m sure I saw a car with the East Mountain Police logo on it.

QUESTION: Is anyone tracking the positive rate of coronavairus cases in Gregg County? From day one, Gregg County’s rate has been 26% through last Sunday (based on my calculations using information in the newspaper). In the last 30 days, it’s been 34%. Those numbers seem like they’re awfully,…

QUESTION: Can you provide an update on what’s going to happen to the old Gregg Florist on Pine Tree Road, the New Way gas station that burned on Marshall Avenue, the Jack in the Box and Texaco at Interstate 20 and Estes Parkway and Joe’s Pizza on the Spur? Why haven’t they been torn down yet…