QUESTION: On Oct. 20, 1976, I went to see the Carpenters at Longview high school auditorium. This was a very big deal, and I was curious to know how it came to be that they picked Longview and who arranged this concert to happen. Did the Carpenters stay overnight in Longview? Who from Longview got to work with them to make this concert happen?

ANSWER: I didn’t find a whole lot of information about the concert, but I did find one article in the Longview newspaper from Oct. 3, 1976, in advance of their performance.

The article said a man named Jim Tucker was the local producer, with proceeds benefiting the Children’s Association of Gregg County. Southwest Concerts of Houston and Art Squires was named as the executive producer.

By the way, you paid anywhere from $5.75 to $7.75 for tickets, which were available at several local businesses. Or, you might have mailed in your payment with a 50-cent service charge.

Q: Would you please tell me the name and contact information for the lady who has been organizing the Trump rallies?

A: A woman named Jennifer Smith organized those events. I’m sorry I can’t provide you a phone number, but you can look her up on Facebook at . You’ll recognize her because some of the descriptions under her name are “#MAGA #Trump.”

Q: What does the Longview News-Journal do with the rolls of paper stock when they get too small to use? I wish to get the end of a roll and spread on my garden for weed control this spring.

A: You can purchase end rolls in the News-Journal lobby at 320 E. Methvin St. They’re $5 each.