QUESTION: Has the city considered a turn lane on Hawkins Parkway now that there is increased traffic? I know someone addressed the need for a light at the Institute for Healthy Living, but I almost got rear-ended there not once, but twice, when someone was pulling into the eating establishments.

ANSWER: It seems progress always has some price.

Yes, our community has been talking about whether a traffic signal is needed there at Good Shepherd’s Institute for Healthy Living ever since it opened, and certainly the new restaurants there have brought even more traffic. I asked the city first whether there had been any new traffic studies there to determine if a signal is warranted. Dwayne Archer, the city’s assistant public works director, told me the most recent traffic study on Hawkins at the Institute had found “that a traffic signal is marginally warranted.”

“This intersection is in our traffic signal installation list with low priority due to the fact that it is a private driveway and other intersections are a higher priority due to traffic impact,” he said in an email.

A turn lane there also isn’t planned in the immediate future.

“Adding a turn lane has been considered. The real issue is the lane width and adding a turn lane would require widening Hawkins with limited right of way,” Archer said. “At this time, it is lower on the priority list than other community streets.”

Q: Years ago, TxDOT talked about building an overpass at the Judson Road and Loop 281 intersection. Are they still planning to do that? That’s one of the more congested intersections.

A: I have a vague memory of this, but my archive-searching abilities met their match when I tried to find old stories about this topic. All I can say is the Texas Department of Transportation confirmed that such an overpass is not on the current list of planned projects.

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