QUESTION: I have become overrun with plastic shopping bags since I haven’t been able to use my own bags in many stores during the pandemic. I can always use a few of these, but now that Longview no longer recycles them, I’d like some suggestions on what to do other than putting the rest in the landfill. Does any organization in town need these?

ANSWER: So, I checked with a couple of organizations I thought might have a need for plastic bags and struck out. (But please, if anyone out there knows of an organization that needs or could use these plastic bags, please let Answer Line know).

However, there is a way for you to recycle those plastic bags. I know of at least several grocery stores that have bins on-site where you can recycle plastic bags, including Walmart, Albertson’s and Kroger.

Q: Is Longview still getting a HomeGoods store? I thought I read where it was supposed to take over part of what had been the Sears location in the Longview Mall.

A: Yes, HomeGoods home furnishings store is still planning to open in Longview Mall.

Longview Mall Marketing Director Monica Hale said we should see construction begin this spring and summer.

It will still locate in part of the former Sears store, next to Conn’s, after some construction to expand the building a bit, Hale said.

Q: Why was Little Mexico on McCann Road torn down? What’s being built there?

A: Nothing is being built immediately.

Hospitality Health ER, whose freestanding emergency room is next door to what was the restaurant, purchased that property.

“We’re not sure what we’re doing with it yet,” said Jill Shipp, one of the owners of Hospitality Health ER.

To keep people safe when COVID-19 surfaced here, Hospitality Health ER “segregated operations” with tents with air conditioners and heaters and some people being treated in their cars to separate COVID-19 patients from other patients.

“We’re trying to figure out what our future is going to be in regards to medical care,” Shipp said. What happens with COVID-19 going forward will help decide that.

For now, the lot is being used for parking, but a future structure could house medical or office facilities for Hospitality Health ER, Shipp said.

Little Mexico is now located at 2517 Judson Road, in the North Loop Plaza shopping center, where Carlito’s previously was located.

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