QUESTION: I live in an area where recycling isn’t available. I have quite a bunch of recyclables I need to dispose of. I’d like to take it somewhere where it won’t sit outside, because paper that gets wet can’t be recycled.

ANSWER: First, I’ll tell you that while years ago we were told that wet paper couldn’t be recycled, that is no longer the case. I confirmed that with Justin Skinner, the facilities manager with Rivers Recycling in Kilgore. That’s where Longview’s recyclables are taken.

Rivers does take recyclables from the public at no charge, but Skinner said the company really encourages people to use the recycling drop-off offered by Republic Services at the Pine Hill landfill. Items taken there also end up at Rivers Recycling.

“Republic Services allows individual residents to bring recyclable items to the Pine Hill Landfill at no charge,” information from Republic says. “Recyclable items include newspaper and paper products, cardboard, plastic bottles and jugs, aluminum and tin. This service is available to individual residents but is not available to businesses.”

Pine Hill landfill is near Texas 31 and FM 1252, south of Longview. Hours are 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 7 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday; and 8 a.m..-noon Saturday. For additional information, call 800-678-7274.

MORE ON OUR LITTER PROBLEM: I wanted to provide some more information about Longview’s litter problem, as a follow-up to the question about litter on Dundee Road. Keep Longview Beautiful has been working on the overall litter problem for years.

“Longview has a huge litter problem,” said Kim Casey, executive director of Keep Longview Beautiful. “I have to call it that word. It has a ton to do with education.”

That means making people know it’s not OK to flip cigarette butts, fast food wrappers, mail or other trash in the car out the window.

“They don’t know that it’s not OK to put on the ground. They’re not educated with that,” Casey said.

She pointed out that Dundee Road has been adopted by Pine Tree Masonic Lodge No. 1396. She said 72 miles of city streets have been adopted by various groups who agree to a two-year contract to pick up litter four times a year. In December, seven volunteers from the Masonic Lodge picked up 19 bags of trash. Three months later, in March, 10 volunteers collected 15 bags of trash.

“So yeah, as a whole I think we need to be more proud of our community, and we need to know and understand that trash goes in the trash can, nowhere else. If it’s recyclable, it goes in the recycle bin. If it can be reused, it needs to be reused,” Casey said.

The launch of a new litter cleanup program, Love Longview, was delayed in 2020 because of COVID-19, but the event is set for Sept. 17 and 18. (Groups can participate the week before or after, as well.) Casey said the effort this year is going to focus on a couple of areas to show “impact.” Those areas are the 9 miles of Marshall Avenue/U.S. 80 from one city limits to the other and the city’s north, south, east and west entryways.

As part of Love Longview, the city is going to provide a household hazardous waste event Sept. 18.

“It’s something Keep Longview has wanted to do for many years. We could never afford to do it,” Casey said.

It will cost about $60,000, with funding provided by a grant through Gregg County and money from the city of Longview. More details will be released later.

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