QUESTION: Will Dollar General hold an open house with tours for the public of the new distribution facility?

ANSWER: I’m sorry to say no. Company spokeswoman Mary Kathryn Colbert told me this week that there are no plans at this time to offer public tours. Maybe if we all ask nicely that will change.

Q: When you turn off George Richey Road to head south on Eastman Road, there’s not a speed limit sign until after Eastman Road crosses over Loop 281. Can we get additional speed limit signage?

A: You get good news today! The Texas Department of Transportation plans to install an additional speed limit sign this week because you asked nicely. Just kidding. The agency agreed that additional signage was needed.

“Thanks to the reader who brought this to our attention,” spokeswoman Kathi White told me in an email.

Railroad crossing follow-up: Back on May 11 we talked about the troubled railroad crossing on Eastman Road at Gum Springs Road, where a rectangular portion of the crossing had dropped down below the road leaving a rough, large dip in the road. A media representative for Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad told me then the company needed some time to determine if and what kind of repairs are needed.

I noticed that situation seems to be even worse, now, so I checked back in with her this week to get a status update.

“We are still working to investigate this issue. As mentioned, there is heavy traffic-flow through this area. Our team will be going out this week to further assess and develop a plan for addressing the issue,” Jeanelle Davis said to me in an email.

Also, a reader has inquired about a similar rough crossing on Texas 149 at Eastman Road. I’m waiting to hear back from Union Pacific about that situation.

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